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    I just wanted to ask if anyone has worked at a walmart before, or is now, is a lip piercing allowed? I just got an interview, and I'm afraid of screwing it up because of the piercing

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    uhmm i know alot of places will make you get those clear studs or whatever

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    I don't know if it ruined your chances, but most places, visible facial piercings aren't allowed (tongue, and I believe ear are all right though)...But it also depends on what section you work in...Such as food, they wouldn't want you to have piercings while working with food, but with cashiers, it might be more acceptable...

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    oh ok, I'd most likely be working in clothing, because I did once, but I forgot their policy on them >.<

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    I think with clothing you would be fine...But another reason they don't want facial jewelery like that is to protect people from like gangs and stuff like that...Next interview, you should probably take it out or something, and not wear it while you work, or at least ask what their policy on piercings is

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    Your best bet for any job is to never have any visible piercings save for the ears, and never to have visible tattoos. Although that seems like an immensely conservative standpoint, many companies and managers expect their employees, whether prospective or current, to display a professional appearance. Even if it's within their policy to allow it, your best bet is simply not to. I'm all about freedom of expression and appearance, but if somebody doesn't have the courtesy to remove their facial piercings, then I sometimes have to question their ability to function on a professional level.

    Especially don't wear it at your interview. For the love of God, don't. And dress up. Blue-jeans are a no-go. You can never overdress for an interview (unless you choose to wear a wedding-gown), and an employer is going to more quickly hire you if you are taking every minute of that interview seriously.

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    I'd get a clear retainer to put in for the interview (if it's healed enough), and then maybe just ask the person their general policy about piercings.

    If it's not healed enough, then I don't know. = (

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    I've had the piercing since may or june so it is healed, and I will get a clear retainer thanks for the advice everyone

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    I'm sure you still have a chance...At Target, there is this one girl with tattoos that you can see visibly, her hair is black and pink, and I think she has piercings...She works in guest services, and she's pretty nice...So I think you should be good, but for future reference, make sure to ask

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    Oh yeah, Target's policy is VERY lenient. Colored hair, lips, noses, I've seen quite a few cashiers with all that sort of stuff. My friend works there and has his lobes stretched to ...10g?

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