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    Since Ive started wearing I am the happiest I have been in years. I was having anxiety and depression. I saw my Dr about it I was worrying way to much. Mentally I feel a lot better just from wearing. For the longest time I tried to fight the urge for so long. The thought that it was not normal to want to wear. But I realized who is to say what is normal in our society. I mean if anything its helping stimulate your local economy. My mind is clear and I laugh more now I use to be to serious for my own good. Also I can concentrate on the job and task at hand. More confident I use to never like to go out alone or eat alone. Does any one have similar experiences that they would like to share?

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    Good to hear that. I think I may start wearing more (other than at night) since being in high school and not understanding what the hell is going on when they talk about symbols and that crap. Very stressful.

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    It certainly is a stress reliever for me, even though I've been wearing for a long time. It's too small a thing to feel guilty about. Life has a lot more important things to create stress. This helps me deal with those stresses.

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    It's a guilty pleasure of mien but a total stress reducer. I'd love to wear at work wherein my main source of stress lies. Glad to hear it helps though haha :3

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    For me, i have always worn diapers. so with me finding peace was more accepting the fact that i needed them and then discovering that roleplaying in my mind that i was a baby/toddler, helped me get away from all the crap that was happening to me in foster care. In so many ways accepting that and the other things i discovered about my little side, it saved my life.

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    I enjoy wearing diaper too. Since getting back into wearing, I'm more motivated to do things. I like to bend, twist and walk,,, and you do all those things when you do stuff like,, clean house and such. Which for the married guys here,,,that's a wife pleaser!

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    It's great to here of people accepting what they are and feeling so much better for it. As for similar experiences I'll just quote part of my own introduction post:

    Quote Originally Posted by cgh
    Earliest memories of anything related to ABDL are from my early teens. Aside from the occasional DIY diaper it was pretty much repressed until I moved out a few months ago. Best way to describe it now is that it's not repressed anymore and I'm way, way, way happier for it
    Says it all really

    Quote Originally Posted by jackofwichita View Post
    I mean if anything its helping stimulate your local economy.
    I'm going to have to remember that one for if I ever get caught

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    I've been happier in them. My online friends have told me I seem calmer when I wear. Even my husband has noticed my mood changes when I am in them. It's like a drug to make me happier like there are meds out there that make people be happier.

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    I seem to remember a poster saying that their therapist actually encouraged wearing diapers as a stress reliever. Not recommended, but encouraged when they knew the poster was using them.

    It's hard to say if I feel calmer in them. It definitely provides an outlet for certain feelings and I'll admit that having them on does give me more security. Obviously, since I have control of where and when I can pee, the diaper keeps me from thinking about the toilet when I need to focus on work.

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