It occurs to me that in this tumultuous economic time that many, like myself, have experienced an economic ebb and flow throughout their lives.

Not too long ago I posted about getting a great deal on packs of diapers from places like; Value Village, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army thrift store. As of late I've been greatly blessed by God to not only receive gainful employment but have the opportunity to volunteer to work ten to twenty hours a week overtime. The result is that I am not better able to meet my financial needs and pick up a few wants along the way.

One of these wants is premium diapers instead of the Medline and ATN's I've been using, and rather than start a stockpile I donated the unopened packs of diapers back to the thrift system.

It is funny that I bought six packs of Medline and donated four of them back less than a year later. Hopefully someone will appreciate the deal on them as much as I did.