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Thread: Favourite childhood plushie

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    Default Favourite childhood plushie

    Hi everyone,

    I wasn't sure whether to put it in this section because I'm meaning to ask this randomly, but: I am sure everyone of us had a favourite plushie when we were kids. I'm curious to know what yours were? Do you still have them? Or if not, why not? And do you think it is traumatizing if a child loses its most beloved plushie?

    As for me first I had this "Pumuckl"-shaped pillow I used to carry around with me everywhere. Until it was so broken my mum couldn't fix it anymore and suddenly it was just gone. She probably threw it away.
    Then for a long time I had this little white monkey that I put under my face when I slept, it was my most beloved plushie ever. Then when we went on holiday I lost it on a parking place on the way to Austria. It must have fallen out of the car. I'm still sometimes thinking about it and no other toy has been able to replace it. I really miss that monkey.

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    Hippo! And guess what, he's a hippo! I'm cuddling him right now.

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    <--- that's him there. I got Victim from (City Name) Victim Services after my best friend's brother was hit in the back of the head with a golf club (still say that would have been the best hit I ever made, if I hit the ball).

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    I had a stuffed raccoon and stuffed otter that I really loved. When I lost them in a move I really cried. They were awesome and I miss them greatly. I do have a great teddy bear now and a stuffed squirrel. That helps.

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    I had a stuffed cow with long legs. I vividly remember me making a conscious effort to finally sleep without it. Took a few days of sleepless nights. Then the cow sat on my mom's bookshelf for years. Wonder what happened to that cow.

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    i think my favourite plushie was a stuffed pink panther doll that my dad had won for me at the street fair, it was as big as me and i would drag it with me everywhere. i actually still have him but he sits with my other plushies so he dosent get anymore beat up than he is

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    I had two teddy bears. I was adopted and the old ratty one came with me from the adoptive agency/orphanage. The other one was new looking, so I guess my new parents got him for me, or a friend of the family did. My mom was one of those, "You don't need those anymore, do you? You're a big boy now," and threw them out. I have a big teddy bear to replace them. I always go to bed with Maf Maf. That's the same name as the one I first had.

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    I still have my childhood toy Dolly! I have a picture of her in my little gallery on here. She was actually my first toy ever (my mom got her as a baby shower gift). I have had plenty of childhood toys like Wolfie (no pick of her yet but soon) She's just a little beanie baby (well,not TY brand) that I stole as a kid because the teachers told me I wasn't allowed to play with the baby toys :P

    I think it is very traumatizing for a child to lose their toy. Once I left a beanie baby dog in my mom's car when she sold it and I cried for hours. My mom brought it back (but I'm pretty sure she just bought another one). Either way it resolved the trauma I had gone through ^^;

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    I was always a huge Babar fan. I had the whole collection and I think they're still stored back home. I remember I always had to have both Babar and Celeste before I could fall asleep. I want them here...

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    I owned a small brown bear, king teddy. i lost him, i believe, because my parents got rid of most of my stuffed animals and younger kid's toys when I was about 10 or 11.

    I evidently had grown a strong fondness for plushies, though. I became interested in furrydom when I was 14, as a lot of books I read at that time had anthro characters in them. I acquired a large raccoon plushie sometime around then, about half my size in mass.
    I slept by it immediately when I got it! I had never believed I could become so enthralled with a stuffed animal before. I think these were signs of infantalism before I understood what it was. I felt like my new stuffed animal was a mommy and I could lay beside it and be safe. It didn't leave my side for a long while after that and I still have it today.

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