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Thread: New Sissy Boy Looking For A Mommy To Adopt Him

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    Default New Sissy Boy Looking For A Mommy To Adopt Him

    I am looking for an online mommy just to talk with over aim. Age and state dont matter. So please PM me I will respond and give you my AIM screen name if you are interested.

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    You're looking in the wrong place I'm afraid.

    We don't do that kind of thing here - we like to be clean

    Good luck, though

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    I was being clean I dont want kinky kinky. Other than that do you know any sites that I can find a mommy besides this one?

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    Sorry dude this isn't a dating or hookup site. We focus on the whole person, and like to get to know each other. This isn't the right place if you are only interested in a mommy.

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    If you're just looking for clean, online RP try here:

    However, you probly won't be lucky enough to find a Mommy, I'm afraid. We're/they're in short supply.

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    Members that are contributors cannot send or receive PMs, as a way for us to reduce PM-bound spam and to protect our users. You'll be able to send PMs once you become an established contributor.

    As CharliePup said, we already have a thread for people looking for a partner for tame roleplay. You could also stop by the IRC as we have a room ( #adisc-rp ) dedicated to tame RPing.

    This thread doesn't really have any use anymore so closing.

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