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    I am new to the whole AB thing and frankly I am loving it. I hope I can make new baby friends

    BY THE WAY I DO NEED ADOPTING! I need a mommy

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    Welcome Pwincess (try saying that three times fast!), glad to have you on the forums. I'm happy you've found that you like it, and I'm sure you'll be able to make friends with the others on the site like you! Aside from that, how about your hobbies and interests? Music always seems to be a big subject. Judging from saying AB, I'll take it you're out of high school; in college or have any plans for the future? Regardless, I hope you have fun, and as you're here longer and more active you'll unlock additional abilities and a few extra forums to explore; see you around ADISC! :)

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC.

    As we've said before, this is not a dating site. If you are here with the sole purpose of finding a mommy you have come to the wrong place.

    Either way, welcome to the site. Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Perhaps any hobbies you have or anything else you would like to share with us that could help us get to know you? Can't wait to hear back from you!

    ~ Mandy

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    Welcome to the site man, We talk about more then our *ahem* fetishes/lifestyles here. It might not seem like it sometime but we do need to know more about you. Do you play any sports? whats your favoret shows? Oh I know lets start simple whats your favoret color.

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