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    Recently I inherited my grandfather's ballcaps and caps. My grandfather always liked to wear a hat when he went places and I think that's where I got that from. One hat of his I like to wear at times is his old USS L.Y. Spear cap that my Aunt Tami gave him back in '84. Side note, I was supposed to get one but never did lol.

    So, when I wear it, I feel like I am a part of my grandfather who died back February '94. I miss my grandfather and when I wear this cap, it makes me think of him and also of the service my aunt did in the US Navy. If I hadn't had my disabilities I would have gone Navy and then joined the California Highway Patrol.

    Does anyone else have something that was from a grandparent that they wear, like a watch, ring, or cap?


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    i have lost my dad a few years back. i have two sisters and four brothers. which all were greedy with the property of my dad. he was a cap wearer. needless to say i wound up with his colection. doesent sound like much for an inheretance. but if you take each one indivigualy and remember the good times when he wore that certain hat or article it would be more valuable than anything that you could ever imagine.what ever you do keep them in a safe place. each one has a story and an indivigual memory.

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    I carried my grandfather's pocket knife for many years but it was stolen a few years ago. I really miss having that physical item connection but I guess I don't need that to think about him.

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    An ebony jar from my grandmother that I played with as a toddler. Her brother was a merchant seaman and brought it back from God knows where. I keep rings, cufflinks, tie tacks, and other 'man' jewelry in it.

    I'll probably pass it on to one of my grandsons. Or a granddaughter, if one of those comes along.

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    I have the ring my father gave me just before he died. We choose it together, which was really nice, since by that point he was so ill it was very painful for him to leave the home, never mind stand in a shop looking at rings.

    We chose a classic design, made from white and yellow gold, with a tiny diamond in the middle.

    I wear it all the time, it never comes off, and every day it reminds me of all the happy times we had together

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