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Thread: Insomnia... Does anyone else

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    Default Insomnia... Does anyone else

    just have a night where no matter what you try sleep is just not happening? Any suggestions on how to avoid this in the future would be very appreciated!

    Also, it's been awhile since I've been around, the joy of forgetting my password haha.

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    I totally know how you feel. I need to take pretty heavy melatonin as well as maybe a sleeping pill or two. No other way for me to sleep :-\ i have always been a terrible sleeper since i was a kid. Best of luck getting good sleep :-)

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    I've suffered insomnia consistently, not helped at all by the onset of depression.

    I spend most nights tossing and turning, putting clothes on and taking them off, pulling the duvet on and pushing it off, going from two pillows, to no pillows, to three pillows to sleeping upside down.

    I've tried a nightlight, having the window open, putting music on and counting bloody sheep... Not much gets me to sleep. Being padded helps me usually, though.

    My mind just won't switch off from the thoughts, ideas and worries that plague my daily life, I guess.

    Thus, I have very little to suggest in the way of help, but offer sympathy, compassion, and the knowledge that you're definitely not alone.

    Good luck!

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    Wow, I've had depression in the past, no fun there.

    The open window is something that sounds very promising, I'll go ahead and give that a shot. I do agree that being padded certainly makes sleep come easier on the nights when insomnia strikes.

    I'm praying your depression goes away quickly.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't usually have trouble falling asleep. I have trouble staying asleep. For example, if I go to bed at 10PM, I'll wake up for no reason at midnight, 2AM, 3:30AM, 5AM, etc.

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    It happens to me too, normally as a combination of not being tired enough and having to wake up unusually early the next day. My brain starts to wander through random thoughts and I don't get asleep.

    It's particularly annoying when I eventually start sleeping just one hour or two (or maybe less) before having to wake up, so when the alarm rings I'm barely starting to enjoy it. Other times I don't get any sleep at all.

    The only trick that works is trying to get to sleep as soon as possible when I get in bed, fighting any attempt of my mind to start thinking about something. And it kinda works.

    Being padded can take my mind away from other thoughts and help getting asleep, but it may also be counterproductive if I start loosing myself in diaper fantasies

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    I used to have an awful time with insomnia, but ever since I discovered the whole ABDL thing, it started to get better. Now, I have no trouble sleeping. I guess my mind would a go light speed with nothing better to do. That's really the best thing about ABDL for me because it allows me to forget everything and feel really good. Getting into bed with a clear mind, not worrying about school, money, my future, etc.; not a worry in the world, is really the best thing ever.

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    i have had insomnia my whole life (i have autism and no MEDS at all non zip) what use to help me was clear your mind take deep slow breaths and feel your heart beat get slower and slower after 10-15 min you should be out

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    I have insomnia and I have dealt with it for years. I still deal with it at times but I am getting better with it and I've found being up during the day helps a lot more than being up all night long. I am feeling better these days with the insomnia.


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    I don't have too much trouble getting to and staying asleep. But for the night that I do have problems getting to sleep. If my mind starts going and I can't get it to settle down,,I usually put it to work. If I have some project to do around the house, I will let my m ind run with that and figure out ways to get it done.

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