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    Default Revolution!

    It started in the middle east. It stormed the streets of London. It has now reached the US. People around the world are rising up in defiance of the status quo. No more social inequality, no more bankers sinking our world into the crapper all for their gain is what is being said by the demonstrates.

    About 2 weeks ago #OccupyWallStreet started and has spurred many people to

    gather and stop the richest 1% of Americans. they are covertly sinking our economy and the world into the toilet
    All for their global empirical agenda.
    They have us by the balls and they know it.

    It is ill-informed that keeps people in check and they know it, so they lie to us in the media and keep us distracted with the latest celebrity scandal. All by the studios they own. The top 1% of Americans own apx 40% of the countries wealth. Even more so now because of the $700B inject into the banks.
    Anonymous, whom have been fighting the 1% from the very beginning is with us.
    Michael Moore who gave a speech at the protests in NYC is with us. Immortal technique is with us. All we need now is the rest of the 99% of the population. For they are only a few hundred but we outnumber them 100 million to one.

    I recommend this page, it is very informative on the uprisings around the US right now. globalrevolution - live streaming video powered by Livestream

    Ref Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S. How Average Americans are Lured into Debt Servitude by Promises of Mega Wealth.

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    Heard it all before. If nothing else the vast Majority of the United States has proven again and again that there is no end to the amount of crap they will take. Any struggle requires active or at least massive support passive support from what used to be called "Middle America" and since the vast majority of people have been raised to think that only "bad" people make trouble the vast majority of the population will stay nice and complacent.

    What do you think is done at all the "think tanks" they are basically brainstorming sessions where people who are well paid by the oligarchs tell the powerful how best to maintain control.

    Don't mess with their guns as guns provide the illusion of safety and security
    Even as you dismantle a manufacturing base and take all the good jobs away increase everyone's access to cheap entertainment (keeps them distracted) This is an idea that also works for the food supply a cheap source of food that while it will not keep a population healthy will keep it from starving to death.
    Empathize the idea of "class" and it doesn't matter where you draw the line Racial, Social, Economic if you can break a big group of disaffected people into a lot of little different groups you've already won the battle.
    Remember always to create the illusion that ANYONE can be rich and not just "well off" I mean filthy sticking richer then God Rich that way a large enough group of the population will always be around to demonize any attempt to aid the poor as "socialism" or "Wealth Redistribution"

    The only defense anyone has got is to do the best he or she can to educate themselves ignore any of the mainstream media my favorites are the PBS nightly news and the BBC broadcasts I can get on my shortwave but never be under the impression that even your safe and secure newsfeeds don't have an agenda.

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    I don't really know what the effect of the protests will be here in the U.S. Also, take what you hear on the internet with a grain of salt on matters of economics, as so often online sources on economics are actually political propoganda. The video about the collapse of the dollar was based on some faulty assumptions

    The rest of it though was fasinating though.

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    so wait... Is this good or bad for the American government? Cause I support America and I dont quite get what this all means... What kind of revolution? Violent? like by uprisings do they mean there gonna start a riot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by user13640 View Post
    so wait... Is this good or bad for the American government? Cause I support America and I dont quite get what this all means... What kind of revolution? Violent? like by uprisings do they mean there gonna start a riot?
    What's good for the government is not necessarily good for America, and supporting America does not necessarily mean you support the government.

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    assumptions yes, faulty is to be determined. There is a reason why gold has risen to $1800 an ounce. Faith in the Us dollar is falling because of those very assumptions.

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    Riots and bloody revolution is the last thing we want. We don't want another French or Russian revolution. Certainly no Libya. Peacefully is the way to do it, show the brutality of the ones in power not the protesters. The question is will they surrender peacefully or not?

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    There is no major revolution occurring in the first world and this thread is nonsense /thread

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    I agree as much as anyone that social inequality should be addressed world wide, we produce enough calories everyday to feed every man, woman and child on this planet but we all know about the millions starving around the globe. I feel it all boils down to two simple truths.
    The wealthy and I mean the super-wealthy. That top 1% of the population who effectively hold all the money, information and thus power in the world today. They aren't going to redistribute their fortunes after suddenly developing a sudden sympathetic conscience towards the plight of mankind. So what do you do there, make currency worthless so their fortune becomes null and void? Change legislation to prevent individuals from accumulating so much wealth? Take their money by force? Any way you look at it there would be huge sacrifices required. Which brings me to the second truth
    Despite the education and awareness of the average working Joe about inequalities throughout global society who of us can really honestly say that you would be willing to give up your life to get national/global equality, and you would have to make sacrifices. If you want to spread wealth evenly throughout the world you, and everyone else in wealthy countries will have to take a cut, but I know, people are comfy in their lives, they're secure, they are worried about their kids futures, their mortgages, can they afford the latest fashionable items.

    I am all up for equality, how will it work is one big question? Who do we trust to moderate it. It could end up like communism 'Everybody is equal although some are more equal than others'. I think, yes get out on the streets peacefully, get online and educate the masses, get in to any form of media, but I think there is too much idealistic B*ll-Sh*t where people want equality but don't understand what it truly means or the sacrifices they will have to make themselves to achieve it. Think of it this way in order to achieve social equality you might have to sacrifice wearing diapers for leisure, would you be willing to do that?

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    this seems like a bunch of BS to me. No ones gonna surrender and when things get alittle bad how does that justify revolution? I dont understand the means for it. So the U.S. dollars in bad shape, That doesn't mean you can start riots and start protests. There are country's way worse off then we are, So honestly if some pricks start running through the streets of my neighborhood fucking shit up I'm gonna shoot some people. No one screws with my country and gets away with it. If its a fight these people want then they will get that fight. I'll be right along side the police behind barricades shooting those mo-fos on there way in. Nothing is equal, This is fact social or other wise. The job you have depends on where you are in life, Dont bitch at the government and start riots just because you didn't work hard enough to get where everyone else is in life. other wise this would be a communist country, We are agenst communism. I'm not sure if I understand the reason people are being such little pricks about this but if they start shit we're not backing down. This is america we have more people living here with guns then all the worlds army's put together, So how far do you think they are gonna get before they got shot?

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    Have you ever studied economics?

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