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Thread: Cheapest Gas

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    So what's the cheapest gas you've seen in your area recently? For me, it would have to be about $3.75

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    1.389 Euros per liter yesterday at the gas station by my uni. That's for regular gas. Diesel was 1.369 EUR/l.


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    Diesel is actually cheaper there? Here it's like 30 cents higher

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    Here in Northeast Pa, the cheapest I have seen was 3.65(today) but last friday I was down in the Harrrisburg area and I bought reg. gas at 3.49.

    And just about 30 miles south of here in Brewick Pa, gas stations are having a gas war and dropping prices to do more volume some stations are at 3.45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Diesel is actually cheaper there? Here it's like 30 cents higher
    Yes, it is. In return, Diesel cars pay higher road taxes, so only people who drive a lot use Diesel cars.


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    Diesel used to be cheaper here... until all that damn oil speculation started raping us all up the arse. Diesel is actually much cheaper than gasoline to produce... so even though it is taxed at a higher rate it should be less expensive to buy.

    On a related note... gas here in Charlotte is running between $3.85 and $3.89 for regular. All my cars take premium 93 octane (or better if I can find it) so I'm still paying upwards of $4. Confounded NC gas tax of 0.30 per gallon is killer. Down across the border in SC where there is no state gas tax they are paying $3.50.

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    Friend of mine on the way home from work paid ~$8.55/US gallon (1.20/UK litre) for some diesel last night. Lovely. 64 (~$120) for not even a full tank. At least it is down from the ~$9.25/US gallon it hit a few weeks back.

    Bloody hell - thank goodness I don't drive!

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    Pojo, we're not located very far from each other. Here in southern MD the prices have also dipped to the mid-$3.70s for regular.


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