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Thread: Otaku/weeaboo culture?

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    Default Otaku/weeaboo culture?

    So um, does anyone else have these sorts of interests? I mean like reading manga or watching the latest animu? conversing on /a/? I might be just talking to myself here...
    Yeah, random and I bet there's like 50 threads out right now related to this topic but I thought I'd give it a shot ^^;;

    Any good reads as of late ja?

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    I like anime and manga but I hope I'm well short of the otaku level. I have pretty specific interests and many series are immediate turn-offs. I haven't found anything new that I liked since Paranoia Agent (particularly the middle episodes that weren't really tied to progression of the story) for anime and Yotsuba for manga (waiting somewhat patiently for the next book to come out). When I get the time, I'll be watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, but I'm sort of saving it as it's something I expect to enjoy a lot after watching the first series.

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    I like some, like Card Captor Sakura and .Hack Twilight, other than that, not really.

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    I am a fan of anime but i hate Otakus/weeaboos because they give the causal anime watcher a bad name

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    Would describe myself as a casual fan. I started watching it mainly for some variety (of which anime does have). Some anime I really like, but I would describe most as watchable but not really great.

    And mostly agree with StockingAnarchy. I find some of the hard core anime fans to be particularly obnoxious.

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    I happen to be a casual fan as well. I only am interested in a few animes and mangas (especially Hetalia), but many animes are ones that I do not enjoy (i.e. Naruto).

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    I am, i like anime very much.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2Malicu
    watching the latest animu?
    2Malicu, any worth watching show this season?

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    second season of Working!!! is out (triple !'s for the title) and Stein's: Gate just ended. If you haven't seen Tiger & bunny i'd suggest it too. Umm, summer is over and the fall season just kicked off not too long ago haha~

    Quote Originally Posted by StockingAnarchy View Post
    I am a fan of anime but i hate Otakus/weeaboos because they give the causal anime watcher a bad name

    Umm, the fact that you chose Stocking as your username and avi means you're not so much a casual F as you are a weeaboo..that's one of those shows that normally turns off the casual crowds, which is great~ :B

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    I'm looking foward for the second season of Ika musume, it's Squidtastic!

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