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Thread: Grabbed Avast and trashed Norton!

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    Default Grabbed Avast and trashed Norton!

    Just as the title says, I grabbed Avast! Antivirus and trashed Norton...Did I mention I saved about $45 while I was at it? I did a start up scan of my computer using Avast...Guess how much spyware and adware was on my computer? LOTS! I would seriously recommend this to any one and every one. (it's in the links section under Freeware)

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    I've been using Avast the past year or two and I also like it much better than Norton. It also has that awesome free perk to it.

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    I'm a firm believer in avast, the one thing it seems to be bad at protecting you from, is stuff you open that is a virus. IE a file, I idioted and did that, but removed it with smitfraud and end process + shift delete.

    However, it does say, HOLY **** VIRUS YOU IDIOT WTF DO I DO? (Chest, delete, ignore=[WTF?])

    The virus kept reproducing itself after I deleted it too, I couldn't delete the file that created it, it took a while, but good bye hacker-tard, and I won.

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    I just installed Avast on my Mums laptop today after I got Vista installed on it. I never used it before, But I hate its stupid UI. And why the freaky ms Sam voice saying that the virus definitions are upto date? MY not the plain vanilla stuff, it might be boring. But its practical to use!

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    Really unmarth, granted its UI is a little weird, but I like it. I can't figure out how to set it how to auto send viruses to chest when Scanning.... Tips?

    I like the sam voice.

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    I also use avast. do what I did and disable skins and disable the voice!!

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    i used avast for a little bit but actually switched over to Antivir due to its great ratings, and so far its done pretty well.

    the main thing is never use norton, unless you want to waste money

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    the main thing is never use norton, unless you want to waste money
    So true. IMO, Norton isn't just the worst Antivirus there is, but it's also the most expensive. They fool people into thinking more money = better software, which in Norton's case is pretty much the opposite. and, honestly, I consider Norton itself to be badware considering the resource usage and the complete hijack of your hard drive.

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