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Thread: Discovering/Revealing my Furry Side.

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    Default Discovering/Revealing my Furry Side.

    Being in many different amateur author communities, I have seen furry stories and rps for a long time now. I have never joined in or considered myself furry even though I relate to and have dreamed about being an animal hybrid for a very long time. I am a bit embarrassed by the animals that I related to even though they personify different aspects of myself that are embarrassing for a human, but perfectly fine for that particular animal.

    The first one was inspired partially from a movie that I saw at a very young age, Pinocchio. Yes it is a donkey. I relate to a donkey because of their stubbornness, and they are considered clumsy animals. If a person does something wrong he is making an ass out of himself. By thinking of myself as a jackass(yes that is partially where my nick came from) I was able to release feelings of failure and disappointment. As a boy I couldn't allow myself to do anything wrong but as a donkey making mistakes was just part of my nature. My vision of myself has been a mixture of me at age 6 with Pinocchio in the belly of the whale. Later, while the age always stayed the same, the body changed to that of a donkey centaur with the long quarter drooped ears.

    The second animal that I relate to is from my poor body image. I have always been pleasantly plump. No matter how many times I tried to diet I would never lose weight, only gain. I was constantly ridiculed as a teen because of my poundage. So in my head I turned a negative into a positive. Pigs live a great life. They eat as much as they want, relax anywhere and at any time. They roll around in the mud with no cares in the world.

    I would search out any book, movie, or TV episode that would depict the transformation into these two animals. The Odyssey held a particular place in my heart. I kept this hidden for years even though being furry is much more widely accepted than being AB. But I've come to realize that this is just another part of me and I do not need to hide it here.

    So I guess this is my furry coming out thread. I'm not sure if I'll ever make a costume but I already have several ideas for stories and would like to try RPing sometime. For some reason AB and my animal aspects have been separate but perhaps in the coming weeks those interests will combine. I am stepping into new territory here and it is very exciting.

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    Something similar happened to me today =) i talked with a baby furry today, we talk a lot about everything, even of literature... and somehow he convinced me that i have a furry side, and i feel like if hes right... i dont know but i would like to act like a puppy =), but dont know if this is just an emotion that i feel when he talked about that....

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    well welcome to you both then. Being a baby fur is the funnest thing ever, I'll bet you'll enjoy it.

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    Welcome! You don't have to be ashamed of your species. We're a lot less judgmental than mainstream society. There are quite a few donkeys and pigs out there, and while they're not everyone's cuppa, I've never seen hate thrown their way just for being what they are. Be whatever lets you express yourself best!

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    Don't feel bad or out of place for something as trivial as your fursona. It's nothing, really. The fandom's a great place, with something for everybody, and fun times to be had at every turn.

    Let me also direct you to 2. He's one of the Fandom's best comedians, and he's pretty darn good at it if you ask me.

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    I met a furry today... unfortunately the forty minutes I spent talking to him I was trying to convince him not to commit suicide >.<

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    a perfect example of the diversity of species in the fandom would be (Uncle)Kage, his fursona is a ninja cockroach
    Welcome to the fandom, there are no set guidelines, you get out what you put in and need only get involved with the related things that interest you. As far as fursonas go there's no rush, many pick the wrong species when they rush into things, and if you go to far at the offset (talking about fursuits) it can be a pricey mistake.
    I know many furs who changed species within the first 3 years in the fandom, just because they felt the initial one didn't suit them.
    That said I know a handful (pawful? XD) of furs who dont have a fursona at all but prefer to have characters which they have suits of, with the characters sometimes having little to no similarities with the owner.

    It is what you make of it, but again, welcome aboard

    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyFox View Post
    I met a furry today... unfortunately the forty minutes I spent talking to him I was trying to convince him not to commit suicide >.<
    Erf, I have noticed that over the last three years (in the fandom) furries tend to be particularly higher emotionally strung than most. That could be down to hormone imbalances as the majority of the fandom are teens to young adults, or due to the escapology offered by the fandom, he ability to leave your rl self and worries behind and pretend to be someone else. That ability would tend to attract people who need or want an escape from themselves.

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    How can i discover my furzona? i mean i like bears =) but i like huskys too, i know its not just the animal i like.... bust the animal that you think identifies you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by danterenos View Post
    How can i discover my furzona? i mean i like bears =) but i like huskys too, i know its not just the animal i like.... bust the animal that you think identifies you...
    I just came across this bit about bears in our culture and history from a totally unfurry source and thought it was interesting: Alexander Nazaryan Reviews Michel Pastoureau's "The Bear: History Of A Fallen King" | The New Republic.

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    Ty ill read it =) i like bears =) im a bit chubby too =P

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