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Thread: Website building

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    Default Website building

    I've had a podcast for almost two years now and along with using Twitter and Facebook I need ways to promote it better so i'm thinking of building a site for it.

    Does anyone have expereance with promoting podcasts or site building?

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    *jumps up and down* Pick me, pick me. I'm in need website work. Haven't done anything with podcasts thou.

    Visit for more information.

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    I'm having some account problems. Please go to my contact page and use that email there to contact (been reverted back to a contributor). Contact Web Design.

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    Pick meee!!!! I wanna do it, I'm in an advanced web design class and I wanna try out some of the cool new stuff I've learned and actually put it on the Internet. I don't know much about podcasts but I can learn.
    But just a suggestion, what if you turned this into a contest? You choose the winner and stuff. I think it would be fun

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    I do it as a hobby. I could never compete against you. But I'd try my best.

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    Well I didn't expect people to jump at this.

    I would like something similar to this.

    You Can Play This

    It's ran by a friend named Justin who does retro game reviews. I don't want to copy his site but I do like the layout. I need a site where I can post videos, a bio page for the site and bio pages for the people on the show. Along with links to our facebook and twitter accounds.

    I may make improvements to this later but that's the basic idea.

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    Thats the basic design that I use on my website, just without the colours and content in the side bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlew View Post
    I do it as a hobby. I could never compete against you. But I'd try my best.
    Ehh, it's not like I'm a professional, I do it as a hobby as well. The only advantage I have is a very limited access to fancy programs (like a half an hour every other day). So you could easily compete against me, I'm decent but not great.

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    Visit Web Design for my work.

    I guess that helps since I have (nearly) 24/7 access to Dreamweaver (and Flash) CS 5.5. I learn as I need and thus only expand as when I have a special request.

    So I guess that I have a chance after all.

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    Well I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. The podcast logo is in my sig now so you can use that in your design.

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    I take a website development Class soon! But doesn't start till the second trimester a.k.a December.

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