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Thread: new job...need a different diaper.

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    Question new job...need a different diaper.

    Hey everyone. I'm starting a new job soon and need to find a solution. I used to have a job in a retail in environment where I wore jeans everyday and it wasn't very quiet so I could use pretty much any diaper. I also had shorter shifts some days and didn't need tooo much absorbency. I usually wore Tranquility slimline or ATM. Well my new job is in an office environment. I work 8 hours everyday plus a 1 hr lunch. I will be wearing dress clothes. I need to find a product that can provide me with the absorbency I need to get through the day, but is still discreet enough. Any ideas anyone?

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    abena xplus when I wear slacks I get them one size larger and no one has ever noticed and you can always find a place to go change on your lunch hour. I find starbucks or anywhere with a private restroom the best.

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    Any good make high capacity diaper should do the job - it is better if you are aware of when you are peeing and have some control over hte speed of discharge because it helps a diaper cope longer if it fills fairly slowly.. The other thing you might nedt to take into account is the "sag" factor of a heavy diaper - supportive underwear can help and although "technically" a snap fastening "onsie" would give a lot of support I don't think you would need it on an everyday basis. One thing I would advise is to have a "dry run" - no that sounds silly (lol) - what I mean is a trial of your new diaper for a 8-9 hour period just to make sure it copes and remains comfortable. If you will be in an office spend a good bit of time sitting down during your trial so as to simulate the work environment. If you have time getting a few free samples might help you decide on which product suits you best. And as an added precaution against anything showing if seepage does take place consider wearing black pants.

    Congratulations on the new job - hope it works out well and that you will soon be confident enough of your protection to stop having to conciously think about it all the time.

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    Abena offers a line of Air plus diapers which have a cloth-like outer shell. You can get M4's with the cloth like feel and it will cut down on noise a lot without sacrificing absorbency. Wear your diapers like they are meant to be worn, meaning have your penis pointed in the downward position and pee with high frequency - meaning don't flood your diaper, just take a tinkle or even force yourself to go at least every half hour. If your a heavy wetter then the bottom of the diaper begins to sag too much throughout the day, I would recommend shifting yourself so that your pointed upward and try to get that part of the diaper soaked. If you feel that you might leak when it comes time for lunch, then find somewhere to change your diaper. Your probably also going to need some sort of support underwear or even compression shorts to prevent odor from escaping your diaper.

    Good luck with your new job and have fun.

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    Instead of going for discreetness, if I were, you I'd focus on absorption as a number 1 and find ways to counter any discreetness problems. If you wear briefs or tight underwear (i.e. not boxers) it should hold it in place well and help cut down on noise. If you keep change and/or keys in your pocket or hanging off your pants, this will further cut down on noise. I figured, if you're going to be sitting for long periods at a desk, then you'll want as absorbent of a diaper as you can find (while disregarding discretion). By sitting a lot, you want to make sure the bottom of it can take multiple wettings since that is where the majority will be most likely. If your sitting at your desk then once you sit down, it won't matter what diaper you have on. The only any diaper could be discovered while someone is sitting at a desk is if it leaks or if it sticks up out the back of your pants. So as long as it's absorbent and you don't move around a lot (which in an office setting is unlikely) then you should try to get one of the thicker ones like Abena X-Plus or Tranquility maybe. Hope this helps.

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    If you're going the Abena route, I'd recommend M3's over M4's. The M3 is a lot thinner and not that much less absorbent, plus you get a bunch more per package. I've also heard that the Unique Wellness brief is on the thinner side of high-absorbancy diapers, but I don't know how discreet they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    If you're going the Abena route, I'd recommend M3's over M4's. The M3 is a lot thinner and not that much less absorbent, plus you get a bunch more per package. I've also heard that the Unique Wellness brief is on the thinner side of high-absorbancy diapers, but I don't know how discreet they are.
    I've never tried the M3's, but I've heard this before, so this would be good advice to head.

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    I recommend going with a high-absorbency diaper, like you would do for any other situation, rather than doing some special work diaper. To that end, I'd say go with Dry 24/7 or Abena X-Plus. You'll want to wear a pair of pants one size larger than you normally would, and I would recommend a plain white onesie (like the Abena undershirt) as your undershirt of choice. The onesie will keep the diaper from peeking, keep it in place, and serves as a perfectly good undershirt besides.

    In an office environment, bulk and noise are far *less* of a concern than is leaking. If you're wearing khakis and you leak because you're wearing some lame thin diaper, you're done for, busted, caught. If you're wearing khakis with a Dry 24/7, no one's going to notice if you're wearing properly fitted pants, and you won't leak. Also, although you might be able to find a semi-private restroom in which you can change, you'll find life a whole lot smoother if you can minimize the changes to one or two per day.

    As for the noise, don't worry about it. I worked in the world headquarters of a Fortune 500 company for almost eight years, and I never got busted wearing diapers (I got busted going for a change, but that's entirely different).

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    As much as I dislike cloth like diapers in general they are great for work environments. Much less crinkly and it is the noise you want to cut down on. Even a thickish diaper can be concealed with the right pants and underwear worn over them. Congrats on the new gig.

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    One option that hasn't been suggested is to try either the secure xplus or the active ultra plus. The only difference between both is that the secure xplus have a heavy tape landing strip with tapes and the active ultra plus use a much quieter Velcro on Velcro taping system. I have found that these diaper tend to huge the user and are much easier to conceal than a dry or Abena xplus. And when wetting, they disperse the wetting throughout the diaper better than any other brand I've found. And just like the drys. They keep you very nice and dry. Plus like I said there super quite and very concealable. Definitely worth a try for you situation.

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