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    My name is katrina and i am a mature, submissive transgendered girl on Long Island, NY who recently became fascinated with age regression. My wish is to explore my infancy in every way possible from diet to diapers to baby girl dresses. Am intrigued by initial review of this site and eager to learn how i may develop more fully as a baby girl. i adore the emotional/psychological aspects of being under the care, supervision and control of a mommy.

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    Hi there Katrina
    welcome to Adisc. you have certainly set yourself a challenge. Being an AB is a huge spectrum of behaviour, so perhaps you shoiuld sit down and decide what you would like to find out about short term, then in the medium and long term. You have made a start by electing to be a baby girl, but what age is she, does she wear nappies, does she nappies, if so what for, does she use bottles and dummie(pacifiers), how does she behave, what does she like/dislike, temperment and those are just some of the basic questions. so have a think and perhaps come up with a short bio of her, for yourself. It will also help fix your little in your mind, either for when you roleplay her or meet someone who will mummy her.

    In the meantime. We do like to know the person behind or even in the nappies. So why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and if yes do they know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

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    Welcome, happy to see you enjoy the site :)

    I hope you can learn something of your fascination with it, we have tons of folks on ADISC who can relate with you. Not to overstep, but being transgendered I wonder that you'd like to be the baby girl you may not have been when you were younger. Everyone has different reasons though, but luckily ADISC is supportive and always willing to to listen and answer questions! If you'd like to ask about anything or just chat, feel free to :D

    How about your hobbies, interests, or aspirations? I'm currently working on graduating high school so I can head off to college. I'm planning on majoring in an animal science or pre-vet study for - you guessed it - becoming a vet (zoo vet in fact!). Right now Auburn down in Alabama is looking like a good choice.

    How about music? I'm really into classic rock, alternative, some Japanese/ foreign, just a bit of everything. I'm also big on sci-fi novels and a some fantasy to balance things out. Regardless, glad to have you on the site!

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