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Thread: I hate this time of year.

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    Default I hate this time of year.

    Mostly because it gets so dry. I've had 2 nose bleeds in the past 12 hours.

    More of a rant than anything, but thought I would say it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlew View Post
    Mostly because it gets so dry. I've had 2 nose bleeds in the past 12 hours.

    More of a rant than anything, but thought I would say it.
    I would advise seeing a doctor or other medical professional if you get nose bleeds on a regular basis, even if it is just a few times a year. I don't think I heard of something like this before.

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    It just gets so damn dry here. To give you an idea I need to add 4 leaters (1 gallen) of water a week to it.

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. I have the exact same issue as you, and my parents made me go through every single test in the book to see what was wrong, for them to conclude, "it's just the dry weather". Lol damn. Save yourself the time and money (if you're American). Especially if it's only a couple times a year (in fall/winter) But if you're really worried you could always get it checked out if you want. I'm not a doctor. Yet. :P a couple more years.

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    Fall usually isn't bad, it's been very dry recently. Usually about mid winter it's worst but the past few years haven't been bad because of my fish tank. Adding moisture to the air.

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    Yeah any kind of moisture you can put in the air, even if it's just draping a wet towel over a chair or something helps lol. But be careful with humidifiers (if you have one), I had one and over time it'll soften the paint of your walls and it'll start to chip :P and yeah it's mostly the winter for me too. That's when it's the worst. Early winter, like November-ish.

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    Since I live in Virginia, it gets dry much later. Things usually turn cold late December and then it's the long haul until mid to late April before things begin to warm up. The problem for me is my hands rather than my sinuses. I'm a musician and a keyboardist, so playing can become painful as the dry air from the cold winter air and running heat through the furnace really makes things dry.

    In addition, my wife is on a dialysis machine and we run the machine from our bedroom. I'm her dialysis partner, which means I run the machine to get her on. Getting her off I have to squeeze/milk the blood lines to get the blood back into her. With cracked fingers and thumbs, it really hurts. They tend to bleed. Then I go to church and beat the hell out of the big electric grand piano and manage to draw more blood. AAHHHGGGGG! I'm definitely a warm weather person.

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