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Thread: anyone ever have trouble with not knowing when you have to go?

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    Default anyone ever have trouble with not knowing when you have to go?

    idk why but the past day or so ive been having some issues, im not wetting myself but for some reason im not realising that my bladder is full. so when i get to finally go its uncomfortable and if i move too much i end up hurting from my bladder being stretched and moved...

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    this sometimes happens to me, but it's more of a lack for paying attention usually. i also have a very large and strong bladder, so i'll often hold for 3-5 hours before i have to pee. (it's not unhealthy, that's just how long it takes for it to feel full)

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    honestly i think my bladder isnt as good as it used to be because i have noticed i go more frequently than i used to, with the exception of the past couple of days with me not realising im holding it that long

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    These things are sometimes difficult to asssess - and worrying might make you more aware of things that you don't normally notice. Lots of htisngs can make temporary changes to hte way our dodies behave and it may e that in a few days things will be back to what is normal for you. If you continue to feel there is a different pattern emerging it would be good to consider getting checked out -perhaps after keeping a diary to indicate how often and how much you pee. At 23 you shouldn't be feeling youer bladder "isn't as good as it used to be" - but there is a good chance all will sort itself out "naturally" or if necessary with a little medical help.

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    I only get that problem when I am asleep, or for the first seconds after waking up. Within a minute of waking up the alarm bells start to ring as it were.

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