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Thread: Hiya, Internet peoples!

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    Red face Hiya, Internet peoples!

    -looks into my screen- hellos? Anyone there???? Well I'm Ryamaia you can call me Rya, Rya Rya, or Ryamaia Edason Wong Remus the XIX.

    -blushs- ok that aside -grabs my blankie and hides my face with it- All better... It's good to meet all of you even though I can't see you all

    *edit* I seem to have forgoten a few things about myself

    While I feel that joining this site was a good thing I am still scared to death and a little shy but I love a good debate. I am a diaper lover and a furry sometimes and I have 10% less death crystals than the leading brand. I joke, I joke. Its wonderful to find a place like this and I only hope I fit in well
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    Welcome to Adisc, don't be shy, you won't find a better community of Ab/Dl's out there but here. So tell us more about yourself outside of liking to wear diapers and cuddling with your blankie. -Tyger smiles at Rya's cuteness -

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