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Thread: Runescape accounts

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    Default Runescape accounts

    I know we already have several runescape names threads. Well this on is dedicated to pics of banks, stats, ect.

    My bank(nothing special)


    My current armor/stats(oh i have 21 summoning and my construction and hunter levels are both 1)

    EDIT:i just reliesed i put this in off topic on accident. So if a mod see this please move it to computer and games.
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    There are like 2 other Runescape threads I think...Plus a group...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    There are like 2 other Runescape threads I think...Plus a group...
    Those are just names/do you play threads. This is for pics of accounts/banks/funny stuff(rs related)/ect.

    Speaking of which pojo you should screen cap your bank i want to see it.

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