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Thread: Does anyone buy you diapers?

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    Default Does anyone buy you diapers?

    My husband will buy them for me when we run out of disposables. He prefers disposables over cloth so I let him put me in them. I use cloth when I diaper myself when he can't change me because he isn't home or he is a sleep or too tired to change me. But we share the same bank account so it doesn't matter anyway. It's like I am buying them too.

    If I see any at thrift stores I will buy them. Ever since my fetish came back, I have been wearing all the time, close to 24/7. I will mind as well enjoy it now before our son gets older he will start knowing what his mom has on so therefore I won't have much privacy anymore to do my fetish. I won't be able to do it as much.

    So do your parents buy them for you or your partner or friend or someone? Do you give them your money so they can get some for you or do they use their own money to buy them for you?

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    Yes my girlfriend will go out an buy me diapers when i am down to my last one or out or using my last one.. she has been doing this for about 4 months now that sence she is ok with buying them... I am using 24.7 pretty much other then when taking a shower an such. as for the money part well I will give her the money to get them or she will sometimes use her own money to buy them.. Its really good to have someone eles buy for you. if its your husband or wife boyfriend or girlfriend it show that they support you an they are ok with your fetish an its a really really good feeling when they go out an just get your diapers b.c that shows they are thinking about you an love you an care.

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    Yes my daddy does and I'm very happy and grateful for that.

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    My wife will sometimes buy them for me -but I have never managed to get her to pay for them!

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    My wife will pick up a pack if I run out during the week. She will place the order to xp also .

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    My mom offered at some point for my bedwetting.... I refused, it would have been waaayyy to creepy. I just buy my own.

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    Because I had a bout of occasional recurrent incontinence thanks to a stupid kidney stone surgery I got a huge box of them thanks to Uncle Sam. Weird but nice. I was almost certain the Doctor would just prescribe a medicine of some sort when... surprise! It was hard to keep a straight face when I was told.

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    I have bought my own diapers. No one has ever bought me any, not even before I had a job. Since being married, it would be just awesome if my wife would ever do such a thing, but I know where dream meets with reality, and am just fine with it.

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    My parents have (and probably will) buy me diapers for use on weekends (and any other time I feel like it the rest of the week if I do it privately.

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