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Thread: Christian Accountability

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    Default Christian Accountability

    1. Please read the whole post before commenting. I know there are many threads on adisc pertaining to Christianity. I used the search function. If you know of any threads that you think I should read pertaining to the issue at hand, please post a link.

    2. I'm not here for opinions. I'm here for help. I know that we all have our own views, good or bad (or perhaps even neutral) about Christianity. I'm not here to debate. Again, I'm here for help. I've read the threads on adisc about your views on Christianity. I've read the threads about your views on whether or not ab/dl behaviors and pratices are considered "sinful." And yeah, the ones about conservative vs. liberal christians. So please, don't post such comments. That's not what this thread is for. Basically, all I need is a yes or no answer.

    3. Now the point of this thread:

    I am a Christian, yes (and in my young 20s) I am also an AB/DL (i'd say about 80% DL, 20% AB). I see this as sin because I do get sexual pleasure out of being in diapers. That's never *why* I wear diapers. I do it just 'cause I like being in them. The feelings (and yeah, sometimes even emissions) are what you might call a side-effect.

    I'm a Christian. I'm an AB/DL. And I'd like an accountability partner, if anyone is willing. Preferably somebody who feels the same way I do. [Removed] Somebody to talk me out of buying them. Or even somebody to talk to if I have (in my view) failed, and can talk me through the guilt I inevitably feel afterwards.

    And of course, I'd be willing to do the same thing for him/her.

    I'd go to people I know, but I just don't think they'd ever be able to look at me the same. Non-ABDLs don't get it, as many of you know.

    4. If are interested in being my accountability partner, please send me a PM. If not, thank you for taking the time to read this.

    5. I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place or if it violates board rules in any way.

    6. Sorry if I seem sorta rude or pushy. I just hate seeing simple questions or conversations turn into religious debates.
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    Greetings KnightNight11,

    I am also a Christian. I would like to share a bit of my past before I answer your request and offer my assistance.

    I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age 14. I read my bible and prayed nightly(it was a repetitious prayer) but wasn't able to find a church the I felt comfortable worshiping at. At age 21, I got my own apartment. I had been having thoughts about regressing to a younger state for as long as I could remember but very little actions up to this point. My brother lived with me for a short while but moved out soon after his daughter was born. When he left, he neglected to take a bag of donated diapers that were too big for his newborn. Needless to say, that was my trigger and I make shifted them into something for comfort but not use. This combined with my feelings of loneliness, my beginning to drink alcohol on a regular basis, and an incident where I had the opportunity to experience an intimate encounter that I refused because I was saving myself for marriage(I am still a virgin today) brought me to a dark place. I denied Jesus and started calling myself an Agnostic.

    This led to ten years of pure hell. I lived the life of a hermit, never speaking to anyone unless absolutely necessary. My drinking was so bad that I became an alcoholic. I was having constant thoughts of suicide. I started smoking. The funny thing is, I only worn diapers one other time during those 10 years. It was while drunk so it was not a good experience. It came to a head when my father(who I hadn't seen or talked to in 12 years) made contact with my mother and brother and tried to with me. I was filled with so much rage and self pity when my family forgave him that I almost did kill myself.

    I finally realized that I needed help and I got it. First through AA, then a church that picked up people from the AA Clubhouse, then a Christian Recovery Home that I moved into. I rededicated my life to Christ, and step by step each sinful way in my life that I prayed for help with, I was able to overcome(but still have to stand diligent against because the enemy will use them again if I give him the opportunity). This included masturbation(which I want to touch on in a bit). The only thing that I prayed for and did not receive was freedom from thoughts of regression. At first I didn't understand but finally I came to realize that these thoughts were not a sin. I could find no verse in the Bible that prohibits age roleplay.

    Now when I was struggling with masturbation, I was seeing two Pastors for counseling. I would gain ground for about a week and then have a nocturnal emission and believe that I just sinned. This led to me actually sinning. One of the Pastors finally explained to me how the body will try to fight you when you are trying to follow God's will, but if it isn't a CONSCIOUS ACTION it is not sin. Blood rushing to a certain place is not sin. Wet dreams are not sin. Now if it leads to my hand going down there, then that is sin.

    This leads me back to your request. I had an accountability partner while going through my struggle and I would be happy to be there for you in this capacity. However since I don't see wearing diapers as being wrong i wouldn't be a good partner in that respect but if you want it to be purely about masturbation then I would be glad to help. Since you will not be able to PM until you level up(this takes a week of being here, 20 posts, and not being obnoxious during that time)I will wait til then. I don't give out my IM till I know someone for a little while anyway.

    I pray that you find peace with yourself and please feel free to post any questions you have here and I will be happy to answer them.

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    I have been christian my whole life but now I am not. However I am still active in my church and I could help if you want. I am usually available. I won't be able to PM until Wednesday because of the activity rules. I can either PM you later or you can give me your reply here. I greatly admire your devotion to your faith and I wish you strength in avoidance of sin.

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    I know you'd hate to hear this but. I'd rather push you away from abstaining from diapers. I'd rather encourage you to buy more and to use them. I see this type of influence is what you are trying to push away. I would do this because I care about you.

    I'm your unwanted unaccountability partner.

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    Wow. I wish I could help you with your situation. Your temptation and desire sound very strong and wearisome. It is impressive to witness an individual who wants to develop such a strong will power. In that of itself is worthy of praise.

    That said, I do disagree with your opinion. I do not feel this sin or my committing of sin. I am of the opinion that we must study life and its behavior, and not abstain from looking for evolutionary or biological bases for behavioral drives. I was raised as a reform Jew, and part of that religion involves the abstention of masturbation. The reason being that your seed is sacred and holy, and should not be spilled to waste. Coming to terms with many other facets of the Jewish religion, and viewing other religions, I have come to the conclusion that they are organizations that are not based on the growth of intellectual humanity. I believe many of the more popular religions actually promote a steadfast belief in ignorance. And part of that reason led me to believe many tenants of Existentialism. That said, I do see merit in many of the religions. Some of their ideas are very good and helpful. Judaism believes in living a good, healthy life. It is important to help those who are not as fortunate as yourself. To that extent, and a few other good ideas, I still push my belief that we are based on our own experiences and those experiences should be studied. We should understand the self, the human, and overall life. To deny that study only wastes the intellectual talent we were all born with.

    I had a friend who was of the Christian faith. He was also gay. He hated that. I watched him struggle with his identity and desires. He was an interesting person, and I enjoyed his company. Fun to talk to. I liked his ideas, but disagreed with his religious values. They were not helping him. I believe his idea of sin was lowering the quality of life unnecessarily.

    My point is that I wish I could help you, but cannot because I feel your belief denies your humanity.

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    I'm a Christan, I would like to challenge you on your view as diaper wearing as a sin. I get sexual feelings from my diapers also. I know how you feel.

    I would love to help you with your issue however it might not be the help that you asked for but the help I feel you need.

    The bible tell us sexual immorality is wrong, it does not say sex is bad. I hear a lot of Christan confuse that matter.

    PM me and lets talk.

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    I can go both ways on the diapers are a sin. If you put them before God they have take over your life then its a sin. If you wear them just for comfort and act like there you daily underwear then its not a sin. It is a sexual thing sometimes for me but its a thing between my wife and I. I mainly wear Goodnites and I treat them as my underwear and do have accidents sometimes then since they dont have the velcro sides like the pull ups I put on a Pamper. Like its say in the Bible dont do it in abundant. I more DL then AB. As well a Christian

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    The beginning of my conversion from Christian to atheist started in my younger days. I started praying "please God make me normal" when I was about 12 and I didn't stop for more then 10 years. I went through a considerable period of time where I thought that by not giving up the diapers I would burn in hell forever.

    Now there is something to said for the feeling that the fetish holds us back from doing XYZ thing but personally speaking the older I got the more convinced I became that ultimately there was nothing to feel guilty about as long as you remember to prioritize and take a step back when you get to deep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackTheWriter View Post
    Now if it leads to my hand going down there, then that is sin.

    This leads me back to your request. I had an accountability partner while going through my struggle and I would be happy to be there for you in this capacity. However since I don't see wearing diapers as being wrong i wouldn't be a good partner in that respect but if you want it to be purely about masturbation then I would be glad to help.
    My take is that the OP actually feels the same way, but the fact is that wearing diapers leads him to masturbate- I don't think he's ejaculating spontaneously while wearing diapers. I think he wants to avoid diapers because he knows it's a trigger for masturbation. Kind of like how if you want to beat alcoholism, you don't hang out in bars or pool halls.

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