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    1) Hello! Who are you?

    Hi, I'm bbdm, I'm a software engineer by profession. That pretty much guarantees the rest of this goes unread

    2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)

    I'm an AB/DL, have been as long as I can remember.

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)

    Music, outdoor stuff, bicycles.

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    I read stories on here from time to time. Now I'm having that "should I tell my partner" internal dilemma, and this is probably the best site on the net for those kinds of forum posts.

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    Hello there!
    Another Finn to join the ranks - there are quite a few now!
    Sorry if I seem excitable, I just like your culture and language over there. My ex-partner moved to the UK from Finland last year and I've been hooked ever since!

    Software engineering sounds very... Um... Different? I couldn't even begin to imagine what it involves! But your hobbies sound quite interesting, certainly! What kind of music do you enjoy? And I think living in Finland means liking 'outdoor stuff' is kind of assumed!

    Nice to see you here, and I hope you find some helpful advice on your 'sharing' dilemma - there are definitely many, many posts on the topic!

    Have fun


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    Well, I'm not actually Finnish, I just live here. Luckily I share your appreciation for the culture For music mostly electronic these days, but I like a little of everything.

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    Happy to have another person from Finland, we seem to attract people from all over! Software engineering something you always wanted to do? I had considered computers before switching gears into animals, working on graduating high school but I'm already looking into college :)

    Tell your partner is a usual topic, I'm sure plenty of the couples would be more than welcome to answer any questions you have. At any rate, enjoy the site and feel free to chat, we're a very social :D

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