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    Default Lying...

    ... Do you do it?

    I don't mean the same old run-of-the-mill diaper stuff, like bedwetting and such.
    I mean actually lying.
    And does it play on your mind?

    I do lie. Not about massive stuff - I never pretend to be someone I'm not or that I've done things I haven't, perhaps - but I lie. And it comes without thinking - it's almost like a first default answer.

    If I'm late for work, I never say "I slept in" or "I didn't realise the time"...
    ... I end up saying the car wouldn't start, or there was bad traffic because of a crash; either of which are patently untrue.

    If someone invites me on a night out but I don't want to go, there are various genuine reasons for it. I'm not a very sociable person, I have very little money in general and even when I do feel like socialising, I don't really wish to do it somewhere that plays shit music too loud. Also, lately, depression has affected this. But no, I, instead, invent other plans (family-related, usually) that put me in a different location entirely, or - more commonly - invent a shift at work.

    It has started to annoy me now, that I can't just say 'No thanks' to such things, or 'own up to things'... I think it is some kind of natural defence against... I dunno... Rejection? Criticism? Regardless, I think I do it often enough for it to be deemed unhealthy behaviour.

    So where do you stand?
    Are 'little white lies' OK? Saying people look good, contrary to your real opinion?
    Do we all agree there are circumstances where lying is the better option?
    Do you tell lies more regularly than you'd like to?
    What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
    And, I suppose, who has ever been caught out by their lies?

    Me, I intend to try and stop it. There is no excuse - and indeed, no need - for it, thus I can learn to speak my mind and be as honest with the facts as I am with my opinions.

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    Yeah, i say the same sorta things, sometimes i lie and it's just a default answer, but afterwards when i think bout it, it was probably best not to lie, i mean in year 6 on a trip to some adventure thing i got bored at this dance and i said i was ill, so i went to bed back in the dorm and one of my teachers came in and asked if i had been sick, i dont know why but i paniced and instantly said "yes" she said "where's the sick bucket" i thought, damn it what can i say and said "it's under my bed" so she looked under my bed and said "it isn't there" (at this point i was nervous, i shouldn't have lied in the first place) i said "oh yeah, i washed it out and put it back in your room" so she goes "how did you get it in my room? it's locked" at this point she knew i was lieing i just said "i dont know" and got told off for lieing, after she went i was like "why didn't i just say no?!" lol.

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    This reminds me of that film; The Invention of Lying

    Personally I believe we all lie to various people throughout our lives. The difference comes between mild editing of your words to remain polite or keep your job, and the serial bullshitters who just fabricate 90% of their stories purely to sound cool.

    I actually find it incredibly difficult to outright lie, hence I just don't bother. I believe you can remain honest while still knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

    Unless your lies are making your life really difficult (constantly landing you in it, then having to dig yourself out), then I don't see a problem with the odd "your bum looks fine in that dress darling".

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    Everyone lies. I can easily lie when I feel ashamed about something or when I am embarrassed. I find it difficult to lie in other things. I can lie yes but I don't like doing it and it makes me feel guilty and very dishonest. Besides i find people very untrustworthy even if they tell a tiny lie. I don't care if they did it "to be nice" but I learned being nice is actually very phony thing to do. People who lie "just to be nice" are weak people and cowards. Even my husband has learned that if he lies to me, I get very upset so he doesn't lie to me. But he does it to other people "just to be nice." That's how the learned the real truth behind what nice is really about. It puts me off now when I hear someone did something "just to be nice" because then I think they didn't really mean it and they were faking it. I don't like fakes and I am skeptical about anything when people say something came up or they got plans to do, etc. I learned a lot from reading online. But I still give them a benefit of a doubt because they could be telling the truth and I am just being paranoid because of what I have been learning over the last few years.

    I used to lie all the time as a kid to protect myself from being bullied and to try and stay out of trouble. Mom knew always that i was lying when I'd lie so I'd get in trouble anyway. Telling me telling the truth keeps me out of trouble was a lie because I'd still get in trouble anyway even with the truth because I did something wrong so I kept lying. Little did I know that honesty gets you in less trouble, you will still be in trouble but the punishment be less severe if you are honest about your actions. I thought you don't get in trouble at all and because I still got in trouble, it was wrong so I kept lying. Back then I didn't assume someone was lying, I just thought they were wrong when they said it.

    I also used to make up stories and do things to get my brothers into trouble and say they did it. But mom always knew it was me that did it.

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    Birds fly, fishes swim, and humans lie. Itīs normal and as long as you donīt do it all the time and/or for no reason itīs okay. For example:
    Telling your grandmother that you really love the pair of socks you just got: Okay!
    Politicians telling and promising you everything to make you vote them: Not okay!

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    I lie a little but it depends on why i would need to, normally its something like a excuse like why i didn't do something or didn't want to go somewhere or just to cover my own back.I think that the odd white lie is alight, and to be honest everyone lie's, if there's a better reason why that doesn't you effect you in the long run then it should be used, but if there's no better option than lying is the way to go about it. My biggest lie i don't know or cant think of but the one I usually use is about my sexuality. Yes i have got caught out but lies always come back to you.

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