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Thread: Why is it so difficult to find ab dls,

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    Default Why is it so difficult to find ab dls,

    Why is it so difficult to find diaper lovers and adut babies, in this age you would think it wouldent be so hard bearing in mind the amount of different web sites and stuff, Its a lonley world when your in nappies, Thats for sure, maybe soon people will be more relaxed about it,

    any body elses thoughts ?

    Its not that i wanted to do it, it forced its way out and left me happy

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    There are a few reasons I think.

    Firstly; we really are not that common so that cuts down who you can find.

    Most people want to keep entirely secret about it, or may be in denial about it; so you aren't going to find them on AB/TB/DL sites.

    Some people may not even know about the sites, or may not have an interest in them.

    In big cities there are most definitely a few ABDLs but; in some places I don't think I would be surprised if there was only 1 or none at all.

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    Q. Why is it so hard to find ABDL's
    A. Because they are really good at hiding!

    Ok, i kinda mean that as a joke. But also it is the reality. (making these numbers up completely.)

    Let's say there are 100 ABDL's in a given town/city
    Probably only 60 of those my actually claim to be ABDL if directly asked by someone they really trusted.
    Probably only 40 of them are on any website like or unlike Adisc
    Probably only 20 of them would have any interest in knowing there are others like them nearby
    Probably only 10 of them would ever consider meeting another ABDL they dont know.
    And maybe just 1 or 2 would actually do it.

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    Good job of breaking up percentage. I think those are pretty good estimates.

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    Most of the people that I was able to get to use a diaper, weren't into diapers before hand. They were just meeting me halfway on a fetish. Of all of the diaper lovers I have actually met online, I only met two of them in person. And I was only comfortable with one of them for a very short time.

    Inspite of what all of the stories you may read, you're as likely to find the next American Idol living in Antarctica as you are to find another diaper lover (your age no less) living close by.

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    It's because we're just awesome at playing hide-and-go-pee, I mean hide-and-go-seek. Lol

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    Most ppl just won't admit it, kind of embarrassing at times. I have not told any one except for here. I think I wud die of shame if any1 ever found out and and spilled the beans about me. I think I saw somewhere that the number of ppl doing it is less than 1%, so if you live in a town with 10,000 ppl, there's less than 100. And like none of them are gonna put an ad in the paper.

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    Hello ya i can agree on that about finding people in your own area that are into diapers an all that. I live here in wichita kansas i have not found anyone that likes to wear diapers. But its really harder to find i girl that likes to wear them in your area that wears them just Bc she is a dl or has medical problems. An being around your age. I have talked to afew guys around here that like to wear witch is cool. But would be nice to meet a girl also. [Removed]
    Last edited by HoganBunny; 22-Oct-2011 at 06:37. Reason: removed portion that sounded like a personal ad.

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    I was starting to make some more local connections on diaperspace... doesn't help that that site is down lately and who knows when it'll be back. Too bad since I think they had 50,000+ members.

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    Hmm, Gets the mind boggoling about percentages, but i reckon quite a good estimate too,

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