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Thread: um, goodnites?

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    Default um, goodnites?

    So, I have never actually invested in buying goodnites, but now I can see the appeal :-) This is my first thread guys, so i hope this is the right place to post this. In my twenties, and wearing goodnites..... my first thought is wtf (in so many ways...), but they actually fit! So I am highly impressed that I can wear these, and still get the whole baby-like feel, and they appeal to my curvier figure.

    Anyways, this is the first time I invested into admitting that this is a part of me. And I am learning that it is very tiring to have to "feel" a desire to express my love for wearing them to others, including why I like them. The whole point of this website for all of us, I suppose ....

    I am kinda shy about posting all of this, for this is the first time I have expressed any interest on this forum, so any thoughts or similar stories, please share!!

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    if goodnites are the first diapers that you've tried IRL, then prepare to be wowed when you first try a premium one.

    its a BIG difference.

    also, this:

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    Dude, seriously, try a premium diaper. It's absolutely amazing once you realize how they fit.

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    Good to hear you are enjoying your first pack. My first pack was a pack of girls buggies pullups. My second pack was goodnites.

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    Everyone has said it and I'll say it again. Just wait till you try a premium diaper. Diapers hold more, are softer and puffier, and are more babylike than the pull-up style goodnite. That being said, I love goodnites for their ease of use and I do like the designs on them. However, you should get either an ABU Cushie, Bambino Classico, Molicare Plus, and/or Abena-x plus and you'll know what we're talking about. And about being shy, don't be. You'll fit in just fine here, plus it's anonymous posts, so you got nothing to worry about. Welcome to ADISC.

    FYI, if you haven't yet, you should post an introduction in the greetings/introduction forums and there are many posts about the various diapers out there and various aspects of *BDLism.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone!
    I realize I should have put this under a different thread, but I am happy that you all posted! I have been here many months, but more as a fly on the wall, so to speak :-) And I am up to... 15ish posts? I am definitely more shy here. It has taken me awhile to get accustomed to this whole acceptance. I guess it still weirds me out, this whole part of me. And knowing there are more people that have the same fetish, desire, similar emotional feelings, etc, but do offer support is a relief. This is my very late tangent, I guess. Re-introducing myself is a good idea; both so that I can embrace it more, and also people can see that I am here more frequently, so I can return the support. I gotta draw my avatar tho!

    I think the goodnites were such more the "revelation" for me, because I've tried diapers. The most recent were cruisers and also I have tried medical ones a long time ago, but I do not like them. Even if they fit better, I do not prefer them. Goodnites seem like an easier solution to buying in a less guilty way from a store. And they make them big enough for me. Still self conscious, tho I could very well have babies/ older kids now, being in my late twenties. I have a few roommates too, so, hiding stuff is of upmost importance. I like the babyish diapers more... they obviously don't fit as well. I did not grow up wearing pull-ups, so that also was factored into my surprise at how nice but discreet they can be.

    I feel (short of bambino's, which are cute but pricey!) that adult diapers are mostly medical. I like more babyish diapers personally, but I'm not sure what premium diapers you all are talking about maybe? I have seen that people here have mentioned just adding your own stickers and stuff to them to make them seem more to one's taste. Seems a good idea.
    So what premium ones are good, that I do not have to buy online? The awkwardness of roommates finding this package... though less painful than a fiance, still something I am happy to avoid

    Again, thnx!!

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    i also today have just bought myself my first pack of Goodnites, i was amazed that they fitted i am wearing the xl girls and they looked really small, but to make it even better i went to boots and if your in the UK they also cost 2.40 i was amazed at the price, i have yet to use it but i have been reading brilliant reviews.

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