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Thread: My friend knew about diaper fetish.

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    Default My friend knew about diaper fetish.

    So I was talking to my best friend. And somehow we ended up talking about sex stuff due to some stuff. He then let me know "yeah you and your wired fetishes" he specifically mentioned diapers. i told him there is a reason i like seeing girls in diapers. He told me he's known for years. Like 4 years...he found out by looking at my porn yeah I guess hes a good friend. So should I tell him the whole truth?

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    If you feel that he is trustworthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Bringer View Post
    Does he not know the whole truth already? lol
    I'm not entirely sure...XD he did like flat out ask me once when he saw adisc on the webbrowser. I said I only have girl friends into it. XD

    Quote Originally Posted by supersam1223 View Post
    If you feel that he is trustworthy.
    I've known him all my life 17 years he's trustworthy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    I've known him all my life 17 years he's trustworthy!
    Then go for it! But don't just bring it up randomly, try and steer the conversation towards sex and then if want to tell him.

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    Nah, maybe if it comes up, but you don't need to tell him, he obviously doesn't care

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    If he already describes it as 'weird' then he's prolly not too interested in hearing anymore about it like details. Just from what lil you said it sounds more like he just accepts you the way you are - jokingly letting you know but if he was interested in more do you think he would have given an 'open door' or stayed on the topic to hear more? I say this because there are people that know about me and just don't care because it's not 'thrown at them' or brought up in any way. They know, if they wanna know more they can hint or bring it up. Pushing the topic at all as I have found turns them away.

    One person tho for example kept bringing up my anthro drawings and the ones with diapers. I just said 'yeah, it's just a mix of the 2 things you already know about. If you have questions I'll answer but in the meantime just for a side opinion is the proportions right on this one? *showing him the pic* and he stayed more with the furry pics. A couple weeks later he brought it up again so I asked if he wanted to see some pics of what I was interested in. He laughed and said 'sure' like an eye-rolling (more like he was sorta interested but didn't wanna show it) then he said well, I can see why you like it - this one is actually kinda cute. I said yeah with a smile then I changed the subject to see if he would 'hint' more or not. Eventually it got to where I didn't even have to surf and hide anything and all he said was "It's cool but it just doesn't do anything for me". That was that. He knows and just doesn't care and I respect that decision enough not to bring it up. Bottom line i guess is let it be their decision.

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