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Thread: Shortage of ABDL premium diapers

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    Default Shortage of ABDL premium diapers

    Wow, Bambino has been out of mediums of Teddys, Classico, etc., for awhile and ABUniverse are also out of mediums for Cushies and SDKs. Not to mention their Fabine Exclusives have been lost in space for the past 6 months or whatever (Kinda given up on those.) I suppose it's all just an unfortunate coincidence (?). Anyway hope they get back on track soon so their fans like me can stock up!

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    The fabine exclusiv diapers have been sent out to German customers, so I guess there should be some coming over to America in the next weeks, too. On the other hand they could have their own china order running, so I'm not 100% sure that there'll be some.

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    I wish Bambinos came in size small!!

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    Yeah I wish there were more options , and i don't know if anyone else has been getting tired of the shortage but i find my self checking the bambino site almost daily to see if they have any in stock.. I have three bags left and im one of those diaper hoarders so its freaking me out. I like to always have at least one spare case of bambinos around lol. In preparation of this i ordered a pack of cushies a few weeks ago just incase bambino took longer then expected to re-stock.... Which came true, and Im not happy about. However the cushies in my opinion are kind of beat. They look amazing my gf even remarked how cute they are but they don't hold much and don't fit particularly well, not to mention once its wet and breaks apart and your just left feeling like your in a really cheaply made diaper.. maybe its just me tho lol.. We need another product as awesome looking AND performing as the bambino lol. hopefully the improvements they are making pay off though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBDaddy View Post
    Demand > Supply = Shortages.

    Welcome to the free market.
    It's a sad reality we live in. Indeed, indeed

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