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Thread: Keeping a stash at uni/college halls

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    Default Keeping a stash at uni/college halls

    I've been living in uni halls for a week now. Before I left my mum's, I had to make the decision whether or not to take my stash. Needless to say I did (was just a bin-liner full), and it's now sitting comfortably at the bottom of the wardrobe in my room.

    I haven't actually 'used' any nappies yet, but my mind is at ease just knowing that I have some. Plus there are skips just outside the door so disposal shouldn't be a big problem.

    My question is: Has anyone else experienced keeping a stash while living in halls, and if so how easy was it to manage? My biggest fear is being discovered, so does anyone have any tips on staying undetected?

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    I did this last year, kept in a bag for life in a part of wardrobe I never used; also kept sleepers in a suitcase under my bed. I was never caught, though I rarely used anyway. Always do this with the door closed and locked and perhaps late at night i.e. just before going to bed. When it comes to getting rid of diapers, just do it when you are doing your normal rubbish, trust me when I say no one cares what you are throwing away; they'd only care if you were carrying a used diaper by itself with no bin bag.

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    In college I kept my stuff locked in a spare suitcase. Never got caught, but one night my roommate unexpectedly came back to the room while I was wearing. Not knowing what to do, I crawled into bed before he saw and stayed there till he left. He thought I was acting strange, but didnít pursue it.

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    this is a legit concern for me too! especially since i might go to the coast guard academy and that would be really embarrassing, seeing as i would be expected to maintain a leadership role. dorm rooms just seem too small to keep something like that private...

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    During my first few months of college, I had no diapers. After that, once I'd become familiar with my roommate and felt I could trust him to stay away from my personal items, I just filled the bottom drawer of my dresser with diapers. Naturally, I only wore diapers when I was sure I had the room to myself for a while!

    My girlfriend *almost* found my stash there, though it was entirely my fault. School was out for the summer, and I absent-mindedly requested she help me pack my drawers. She was almost to my stash when I realized what was about to happen! I forget what minor errand I sent her on, and although I'm sure she sensed an odd urgency in my voice, she never asked any questions. Phew! Disaster averted.


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    I am living in an apartment with some other guys, but i have my own room, so it isn't too bad to keep it hidden. I also just recently added quite a bit to my stash, so now i have some at the bottom of a box that is used for blankets and towels, a tub full, and a workforce bag that is doubling as a diaper bag (lol). Anyhow, they aren't really super suspicious so i don't have many problems wearing.

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    I never did until I had a single. Just was not worth the risk at all.

    But then again, I went to a private Christian university as well, so....yeah. Would have been worse than usual, I think.

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    I have done it for 3 years now with 5 different roommates. Just don't take too many risks and wait off for a while before indulging much. Wait till you know your roommate's schedule and if he tends to show up at random times and just walk into the room. Once you know his routine and tenancies then you can start to understand what you can get away with. You might get lucky and have a roommate that goes home every weekend or you might have one which lingers around your room all the time. I have had both, and you just have to schedule your infantilism around what you can get away with.

    Be careful and always be prepared to get caught. One way to indulge easily is to grab a diaper and hid it in pajamas which you take into the bathroom and change into. Sleep in the diaper and dispose of it in the morning when you take a shower. My roommate this semester goes home every weekend which means I get a lot more time with diapers than I have in the past few years, which is kind of nice.

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    Last semester I had to be a lot more careful. I would pretty much only use at nighttime and I had to change in the bathroom. I kept my stash in the back of my wardrobe and as far as I know it was never discovered. I would avoid using super crinkly brands of diapers when your roommate is around, but then again, I'm paranoid.

    This year I have a single so I can indulge whenever I want.

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    For my 1.5 years at the dorms, I did keep a couple of Goodnites at the bottom of my desk drawer. I was pretty trustworthy of my roommates, thinking they wouldn't look in there, which was odd considering I definitely raided their desk drawers on occasion to look for duct tape, a calculator, etc. Strangely enough, now that I'm living in a house with friends where it would be much easier to conceal a pack of diapers, I haven't done so.

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