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Thread: Anyone here play the Dead Space series?

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    Default Anyone here play the Dead Space series?

    I'm just curious as to how many people play/are aware of this game. I personally love the first one. The feeling of dread and hopelessness that overwhelms you while slicing up Necromorphs with innovative weapons is so awesome!

    Anyone else agree? Dead Space 2 was good, but as far as feelings of dread...not anywhere near as impacting as the first one!

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    Oh I loved both games. Personally, I thought both were equally "dready", but I understand why sequels usually don't get the same feeling as the first. The first time Those creepers in the second come after you in the second game was my scariest memory.

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    Default i know i do

    and now cant wait for the third installment hope fully is as good as the first two
    and btw i love the straight jacket in the second game made me feel so helpless

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    I have pretty much have all the dead spaces on my ps3 and I have the android version on my phone which looks pretty awesome.

    I've still to finish the first one yet though.

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    Played both, loved them both. Loved the ending on the second, how it hearkened back to the first game.

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    Yhatzee made the best review points of Deadspace 2. I love the series...and I assume the OP, Visceral...well obviously the devs of the game haha
    The ending of the second one reminded me of several boss fights in Arkham Asylum.

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