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Thread: my boy friend wants me to be an ab?

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    Post my boy friend wants me to be an ab?

    my boy friend is fantastic we have been dating for like 2 years im 21 hes 22.. his friend is dating a girl who is an ab and he loves it.. so my boy friend wanted me to try it.. yesterday we did. he put me in a diaper gave me a binky and honestly talked to me like i was a baby.. he has his own apartment so its not like people were around but still.. then at like 7 oclock he was like "its my wittle baby girls bed time now isnt it" and he gave me a baby bottle with worm milk put a blanket around me and carried me into a pack n play. he waited in the room till i finished the bottle then put a passy in my mouth and gave me a teady bear.. it was sort of cute but idk. this morning is when things got out of hand though.. im a tiny girl im only 5 foot and weigh like 90 pounds, well this morning he stood over the pack and play and said time to wake up baby girl.. i got up he lifted me out of the pack and play i told him i had to pee and he said you have a diaper on and babies dont talk they only cry and make cute noises.. i didnt pee then but he wouldnt let me go to the bath room and i hadent done in like 24 hours so i went in the diaper.. the strange thing is i actually liked it. i was sitting on his lap and started crying he said awh someone made a messy and he changed me. we hung out all dayand i acted like a baby all day. i colored played with the baby toys he bought me we watched a movie i tooka nap then i went home and he texted me saying he just ordered onsies for next weekend.. is all of this weird? and how do i act and let him treat me like more of the baby he wants?

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    Well, it isn't weird at all! If anything, people would die to have that relationship. However, if you are uncomfortable doing something, and he forcefully makes you do it, it can turn unhealthy quickly. You yourself need to talk to him about what he wants to do in terms of taking care of you, and be sure to state your limitations and what you're uncomfortable with way before he puts you into a baby state! Once you're in it, you'll more than likely do whatever he wants of you,'s best to talk to him before the next time! I'm glad you enjoy it c: it's something that is beautiful and amazing..but without communication, a big mess can be made of it. Welcome to ADISC!

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    If you like it then keep going. However I'm not sure how comfortable I am with all of this being forced on you suddenly. I think before you go any further you need to have a talk with your boyfriend and you need to draw lines of what you would like and what you are not comfortable with.

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    Also remember this: you have to be what YOU want, not just what he wants c:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaylakutiez View Post
    Also remember this: you have to be what YOU want, not just what he wants c:

    This is most important as Kayla said. Remember, even if you are the Submissive you are actually the one in complete control, a Dominant should not push you any further past your comfort zone unless it has been verbally agreed and has prior consent!

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    As they say, whatever floats your boat'
    If you like it, stay with it...if you're uncomfortable or do not like the new sensations then voice up...most AB & DL's i've met are open to discussion with their partners. Oh and welcome to the site?

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    Time to set the ground rules it seems

    Talk with your partner, decide what you're most comfortable with and see what he wants, too. It's important to make sure you're both as comfortable as possible and that means knowing your limits and what you're willing to do. As for if it's weird, sounds like a dream for most folks! If you truly like it there's nothing wrong with indulging in it every now and then

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    Quote Originally Posted by babytaylor3 View Post
    .. his friend is dating a girl who is an ab and he loves it..
    I'm sorry...but this story seems fishy to me because of this detail. Your bf has no interest in diapers/being an AB himself, but because he heard about the kinky relationship between his friend (you don't say if he's an AB/DL, but it seems implied that he's not) and his GF, he wants you to be an AB? This seems like several levels of unlikely:

    1) AB girl meets non-ABDL boy. She tells him that she loves to wear and use diapers and act like a baby. He not only tolerates and accepts it, but LOVES it.
    2) Non-ABDL boy cannot help but spill to his other, non-ABDL friend that his GF is an AB, and how wonderful it is.
    3) Other non-ABDL friend not only isn't weirded out by this announcement, but decides the prospect of treating his girl like a baby is hot stuff, and persuades her to try it, while showing no interest in diapers himself.
    4) Girl is forced to wet herself and likes it.

    A couple other things I notice; one, you say that this only happened yesterday, yet your profile picture is of a girl wearing make-up (eyeliner), in adult clothes, with an adult hairstyle. It seems unusual you'd have such a clearly planned, myspace-esque picture of yourself if you had no prior interest or knowledge of ABDL.

    Also, why did your BF have a pack and play crib? Why did you agree to do this if you had no interest in it before? Why did you continue the scene if it made you (at some points) uncomfortable?

    Sorry if this seems hostile, I'd just like to see some clarification here! :3

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    I'm sorry to say that I totally agree with you on this one, there are other inconsitences such as in nappies for 24 hours and didn't pass anything? He just happened to have diapers that fit you as well as a dummy and bottles. Also the language and grammer is not what I'd expect from a 21year old. Bells are ringing here.

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    I felt pretty skeptical, too. However, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt! Better to give advice in the possibility of it being true than not give advice at all c:

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