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    In the short time that I've been coming here to ADISC and have been active in my AB lifestyle I've noticed some drastic changes in myself. Before ADISC, I mainly just read/wrote age regression/AB stories and had constant thoughts and daydreams but little actions(2 incidents wearing diapers in 12 years).

    I have suffered from depression for a long time. I put others before myself but not in the good way that it sounds. While I will gladly clean a family members house or do some other chore for them, when it comes to myself I can find little motivation to do the same thing when it is just for me. I have taken very little interest in my personal appearance and hygiene. To put it bluntly, I have lived like a slob.

    As crazy as it sounds, that all changed when I started wearing diapers this time around. I am actually starting to like myself again. I am taking pride in how I look(even during the day when no nappies are involved). My room is the cleanest it has been in years. I have stopped smoking again because it conflicted with my view of myself when little. I find myself smiling for no reason at all.

    My first 2 experiences never felt like this(one was with alcohol so I discount that one anyway). For some reason something just clicked this time around. A telling point was last night when thoughts of my past came back to me and I felt myself slipping back into the abyss. At first I didn't want to wear a diaper last night because I didn't want to taint something that has been a positive experience with such negative emotions. But as soon as I put it on those thoughts and memories were washed away.

    Has anyone else had an experience like this when they have finally come to accept themselves, AB and all? If so can you share it here to give hope to others.

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    Well, im not an AB im a TB but pretty much the same happened to me, i was depressed etc, couldn't give a shit really, along with the bit with smoking and alcohol, dont call me a sicko but i smoked when i was 12, and i'd go out with year 11's and get drunk, i couldn't care less, but thanks to me wearing my 1st diaper a while ago, i've started to feel better about myself ever since .

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    well, I don't attribute my feelings to 'diapers'. Diapers are inanimate object and therefore have no ability to do anything. However, it is the acceptance that JackTheWriter said,, it is the acceptance of being this way. I too have struggled with accepting my AB/DL side. It wasn't till about a month ago that I finally came full circle and accepted what I am,,,AB/DL. I know that doesn't define me, but it is an important part of me. I think my wife knows I have achieved peace with it as well because she has told me that she feels like I have been more intimate with her recently. She says she has noticed I am a brighter person. She is not pushing against be wearing diapers anymore either. In fact the other day, I was wearing diapers under my clothes around the house when she come home from work. I kept wearing for a while more (about 10 minutes) then calmly went upstairs and changed into regular underwear. When I came down stairs my wife asked if I was wearing. I said yea in a no-big-deal kind of way. And all she said was "oh". but the big shocker was that in about 2 hours later we were,,,,,,hehehe, having fun (if you get my drift). and nothing more was said or asked about the diapers that day.

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    I recently decided to change the path I was on after becoming a first time home owner. For the first time in a long while I wanted to be very baby again. It is a nice house that is clean and free of all the clutter from our apartment(My wife and I de-cluttered our possesions). For once I feel like playing on the floor in the living room.

    In wanting to be more baby-ish I wanted to look and feel younger so I am getting in shape. I joined the local Gym and now I'm on the path to great physical fitness. I chose to do weight training to get there, it has improved my physical appearance as well as my self esteem, not mention the benifits of a healthy lifestyle. My diapers are fitting better and putting one on is alot easier now too.

    Soon, once I lose some more weight I think I'm gonna buy myself some cute clothing. Being AB definatly drives me to be a better person.

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    I agree with people saying acceptance of yourself makes you feel better. It's a part of you as an individual, and trying to hide or change that only makes you depressed or emotional. Since I've accepted myself my recent bout of depression stopped, I feel a lot better and look forward to the future even more :3

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    It's funny, I feel better about myself since joining ADISC as well. I was pretty accepting of myself and my AB/DL desires prior to joining but having a community to support me has really made me feel great about myself.

    I think my AB/DL side is a major part of myself and I would definitely be unhappy if I repressed it.

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    I suffered depression in 6th grade and I wanted diapers so badly. But my parents said no to them. It was very difficult dealing with those feelings and not being able to have them. I had no access to any either. So I eventually learned to block out the desire. Now here I am an adult and have my diapers. I finally got some when I was 17 after rediscovering my fetish again after being in denial for all those years. My online friends have noticed I seem happier in them and my husband has noticed too. I feel different when I am in them like I feel more energetic in them and happier. I was happy without them too when I lost interest in them for a while but I am happier.

    My diapers started out with regression and wanting to go back to my early childhood and then dealing with the comfort and the security in them and then I just liked them for the feeling and peeing in them. I have always liked peeing in them and wanted to as a child too. I even enjoyed it when I still wore them when I was real little. But it's so nice to have one on and not have to get up every few minutes for the bathroom because of my over sensitive bladder to pee. I feel I have to go when it's little pee. I have tried training it by holding it for a while hoping it get used to having some pee in there so I wouldn't feel I have to go all the time but I'll enjoy my diapers now before my son gets too big.

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    My experience with self-acceptance was not as dramatic with diapers as it was with me accepting that I'm gay and finally coming out. I grew up in a conservative Christian church in a small farm town, and I was one of the outcast types that never was accepted into any of the other cliques in a school where it was not uncommon for the kids who were suspected of being gay to go home bloodied. That eventually all crystallized into a whole lot of self-loathing that, for awhile, I was able to ignore by means of keeping super busy with college and student groups and whatnot, and a whole lot of alcohol. After I started my internship, a whole lot of things came apart at once, and I actually had loaded my shotgun with the intention of committing suicide. Happily, I had a moment of lucidity and unloaded the gun, which put me on a long journey to essentially start over, as my old life had, by that part, largely shattered into an unsalvageable affair.

    Ultimately, it took a whole lot of soul-searching and self-examination. I ultimately questioned and rejected most of my previous belief, and finally came to a point where I had stabilized the rest of my life and began growing more comfortable with the idea that, yes, I am actually gay and it's ok. By then, I had long-since come to a sort of working truce with the Universe with regard to diapers, so by the time I came out, I was pretty comfortable with the whole diaper thing. When I finally came out, though, it was like I saw the world in colour for the very first time and like I was finally a free person for the first time. It was honestly one of the most pivotal moments in my life.

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