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  • Most like something I wore as a child

    31 12.97%
  • Most "babyish" (NOT what I wore as a child--definition of "babyish" is up to you)

    42 17.57%
  • Easiest to obtain (e.g., available, affordable, etc.)

    19 7.95%
  • Easiest to use (e.g., easy to clean up after, easy to hide, etc.)

    3 1.26%
  • Most functional (e.g., most absorbent, most leak-proof, most wearable, etc.)

    120 50.21%
  • Other (please explain)

    13 5.44%
  • n/a - I don't feel like I have a favorite yet (I need to try more diapers!)

    11 4.60%
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Thread: Your choice of diaper: Why?

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    Default Your choice of diaper: Why?

    So, you like a particular diaper the best. Why? I know some people have more than one favorite, so try hard to zero in on a single favorite-favorite. I know that will be difficult for some, including me!

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    For now, Goodnites are the more leak proof, for me, but they are also easier to obtain, and the designs aren't half bad.

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    Functionality over everything. I don't understand why should I really wear diaper that I can't use because of the fear for leaks.

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    My favorite is pampers cruisers size 7. I'm a baby diaper guy that's what I perfer to wear.

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    Functionality. When I get put in a diaper, I'm not coming out till I absolutely need a new one. My usual combo is an Abena + stuffer.

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    For me its about functionality. I don't want to wake up in a wet bed. I don't want to have to do laundry. I don't want to have leaks in public. I also don't want to be caught wearing something that has baby prints on it, and be left to explain a rather awkward situation. I understand why people choose the other options, but My preference is probably always going to be functionality.

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    Its hard to say it depends on what i am going to do and what sort of diaper i wont to wear. I like the combination about cute print and a good diaper that can do a great job.

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    I like dry/247 , bambinos and providers choice plus day time. I like them because of there quality and comfort.

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    It's mostly about functionality, but sometimes I'd prefer something a bit more childish. Unfortunately a lot of the AB diapers are rather expensive, and not as absorbent as straight incontinence diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tjannoah View Post
    Unfortunately a lot of the AB diapers are rather expensive, and not as absorbent as straight incontinence diapers.
    I completely agree. favourite diaper has got to be the Tena Slip product. For me I definitely enjoy having the baby print as a feature on the diapers but it is not paramount. Comfort security and for me most of all how much they diaper swells when wet are the most important things I look for when wearing for recreation.

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