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Thread: What makes you pee?

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    Default What makes you pee?

    Some years ago I was at a lecture which involved a discussion group around a fountain that played in time to music. After about 5 minutes I was almost holding myself to stop myself from having a pee accident. I excused myself and was the only male among a group of five or six women who rushed to the toilets.

    On the way back several people said they "only just made it" and two of us admitted to having soggy underwear. This was a little while before I became incontinent but I had been very close to a "fully blown" accident.

    This thread was prompted by the "How often do you pee" thread on the diaper forum. I am aware of other things that trigger a similar urgent need to "go" but won't list my danger points here.

    Why does this happen and what else can have the same effect?

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    Running water is a trigger for most people. More likely than not it's a psychological effect caused early on.

    Another thing that increases my urge is when I'm near a bathroom or a place where I know a toilet will be. Since I've peed outside most of my life, if I'm near the woods or a tree, whether it's properly protected or not, my body seems conditioned to want to release near these places.

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    When ever I use to play hide and seek I would always gets the biggest urge to pee when hiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    When ever I use to play hide and seek I would always gets the biggest urge to pee when hiding.
    OMG same! lol when ever i used to play i would always have to pee within the first 2 rounds and even now when i play manhunt all my friends hate playing with me because i have to leave mid round to go to the bathroom

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    I have several things that are triggers.
    1. Any running water - even washing my hands
    2. fixing me something to drink - pouring glass of milk, soda, anything.
    3. walking up to or in the door to a house
    4. many times siting down at dinner i go
    5. sometimes temperature changes between rooms

    This is just the top 5 things but being incontinent it doesn't take much for my bladder to let go. My urologist actually understands that wearing diapers is the only way right now that I can continue to be active and keep living.

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    I've never really noticed anything besides drinking liquid that has made me want to pee not even running water.

    You guys are just weird

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    Going outside when itís cold.

    Even as a kid, urge often came on hard & fast when playing outside in the winter. Have vivid memories of losing the battle one afternoon in snow pants.

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    I think running water is pretty universal. At my urology clinic there is a hatch in the wall so that when you have done your sample, you can knock on the hatch and a nurse will take your sample from you. Quite often as you enter the bathroom there is a knock on trhe hatch, a hand comes through, turns on the tap and withdraws again. So it would seem that running water almost causes a reflex action. I'f I'm starting to do the washing up, I often end up doing the wee wee dance before having to rush to the toilet and usually not making it. Pouring liquids can also do it. Going from a warm place to a cold one. Standing up suddenly? (that 1 I think is weird myself).

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    Checkingoutitall - Oh kewl! I thought the walking to a front door was just me! That is something I can always "count on". I have to agree with the rest of your list too. I would only add 6. Whenever the most inconvenient time would be. (Like already needing a change and then someone catches me and wants to stand there and talk. Sure enough I try to keep my backside hidden as I walk away because there will most likely be a spot or 2.)

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    Thinking Im in a diaper when Im not makes me have to go haha

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