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    Have you used a diaper for other purposes?

    One time I had poison ivy on my penis and it was very puffy. It starting draining and messing up my regular underwear, so I thought what a good excuse to wear them. At least it was not itchy or anything. It didn't last long at least.

    Whenever I am sick I cannot seem to wear them, yet I'm drinking and peeing like nuts.

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    I don't want to know how you managed to get poison ivy there, though imagination abounds...

    I had hemorrhoids once while traveling internationally. I usually wear a diaper while flying around the world, but the bleeding from the hemorrhoids was bad enough to make me very thankful I was padded.

    I've also used baby diapers as ice packs when traveling with things that need to be kept cold, just fill the diaper near to capacity with plain water and freeze it, worked like a charm and didn't leak when the ice melted...

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    I recently visited a home where a new carpet had been laid througout hte ground floor - a path had bene laid using cloth diapers so that dirty shoes didn't mark the new floor covering.

    When i was out of nappies (a long while ago when things were hard to get and expensive after the 1939-45 war) - my mother sewed 4 of my old cloth terry towelling nappies together to make a small bath towel.

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    i know its gross but ive used them during my time of the month, it really helps though because i dont have to worry about ruining underpants or my bedsheets and i can sleep soundly.

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    I've known body shops to use terri-cloth diapers to polish a car's paint job. I've also seen car wash places use terri-cloth diapers to dry customer cars as they come out of the car wash machine.

    Although I never said anything, I liked the fact that my car was dried with diapers, LOL
    (my car wasn't new so I didn't worry too much about scratches)

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    Well uhm my other use for diapers is kinda MATURE.

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    I heard a while ago someone was glad they had one on when their youngest was running around with a fork. The kid ran into the diaper with the fork "head on".

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