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Thread: qustion about bedwetts

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    Default qustion about bedwetts

    If you wet the bed when you sleep. Can it led to trouble doing the day to? Becours you bladder are lite weaker.

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    This won't be much help - but the answer has to be "Yes and No" - it all depends on the reason for the wet bed - sometimes it is to do with a set of circumstances that only occur at night and this is the usual situation because most teen/adult people with nocturnal enuresis don't have problems in the daytime - or if they do they are longstanding and not a development of nighttime wetting. Sometimes peeing the bed can be a sign of a condition that will lead to increased urination (like diabetes) or loss of nervous/muscular control and in this case daytime problems could follow but are likely to develop slowly so that while awake you would feel a need to pee more often or more urgently rather than become incontinent suddenly.

    If the bedwetting has started recently it is essential to get medical advice because it can probably be helped - and may be a sign that some other problem needs dealing with.

    Hope this helps

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    So if i understand you right if you had problem whit bed wetting over a long time it can lead to some problem doing the day to? Like you need to pee more time doing the day.

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    Sorry - I may not have been very clear - I don't think having a bedwetting problem over a long time would lead to problems during the day - but some medical conditions that cause bedwetting can also cause daytime incontinence. It is probably true that "bedwetting" is not a disease in it's own right, but a symptom of something else being wrong (unless you wet for pleasure purposes when nothing is wrong). The cause can be physical, emotional or psychological. I don't think prolonged voluntary bedwetting is likely to lead to daytime problems unless you secretly or otherwise want this to happen.

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    Sounds like you now allot about this stuff. So what is the different between this thing? (physical, emotional or psychological)

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    Hi Pikachu,
    I agree with everything Dayannight has said. When I was in a children's home we had chronic bedwetters, some would be wet 2 or 3 times a night, but they never had problems during the day. Nor in the 8 or 9 years that I knew them did the go on to develope day time problems. Day mentions Physical ,emotinal and psychological reasons. Physical reasons would mainly be certain types of illness that Day has already mentioned like diabetes, but most of the illnesses that do cause daytime wetting are slow to build up.

    Using diabetes as an example. I've been diabetic for 12 years and have recently had a change in my daytime incontinence. My Diabetic Consultant believes it may be the start of Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy, which is a form of nerve damage and takes years to develop. I also have a bone disease caused Osteo-porosis, which has caused some spinal fractures and my bone consultant thinks the recent changes may be due to one of my fractures starting to apply pressure to the spinal chord and interfering with the signals I get. But unless you have a history of either of these it isn't likely to apply to you. Prostate problems can also cause problems during the day, but at 24/25 years old this is very unlikely.

    Emotional/psychological reasons It can be difficult to decide which of these could be causing a problem, so I'll put them together. it has long been know that the way we feel about ourselves or the situation we are in, or even the way we think can have an effect on our physical bodies. As a gross example, a sudden shock (such as being told bad news) or being startled ( you think you are alone, but when you look up someone is standing in front of you and it makes you 'jump'). Can cause various immediate physical effects such as fainting, crying, anger, wetting yourself and in some extreme cases soiling yourself as well (bowel empties involuntarily). They however are 1 off effects.

    Your stress levels can cause various things to happen. Teenagers who have been bedwetters earlier in their life, may start wetting again before important exams or waiting for the results of improtant exams. Children of any age may start or restart wetting and or soiling both day and night due to an emotional event (a parent or close relative dying, parents splitting up or divorcing). They may also become more 'clinging', want more attention, re-start thumbsucking, this type of behaviour is what psychologists call regression.

    So as you can see there are a lot of reasons why someone can start wetting during the day. Even if you want to be able to wet yourself uncontrollably, you still need to know why it is happenning. So, my advice would be that you see a doctor and rule out any of the physical problems. Then go from there. I hope that helps.

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    My pleasure, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

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    in some cases yes bed wetting can lead to day wetting but not always.
    I have bladder problems in the daytime also, but I try to be more aware of when I have to go in the day time and to use the restrooms as frequently as possible.
    and also wear protection in the daytime also incase of accidents.

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    I have wet the bed for 16 years and haven't had a single daytime problem since being potty trained. I am a very deep sleeper and I don't feel when I need to pee.

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