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Thread: Because of disgust about the Georgian-Russian war...

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    Default Because of disgust about the Georgian-Russian war...

    OK! That's good enough advice for me! Thanks to all of you. Thread closed.
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    Just me, but I wouldn't worry over it. A name like that can give a wide range of possible first-blush reactions, but in the end it's really about you and what you have to say.

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    I thought that's why you chose your name - because of Russian background in your family. It's certainly up to you, but that's part of your heritage and nothing you should have concerns over due to the current conflict. It's who you are.


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    I would not change it, be proud of your heritage!! Don't change your name because of this small conflict, as it will pass!!

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    I never really thought of you as supporting Russia, just having Russian heritage. If you want to change it, though, go ahead. Haha you should change it to "Comrade" or "Commissar" or something.

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    There are hundreds of reasons you could have that name. I wasn't even 100% sure you had Russian heritage until today. Keep the name! If anyone takes offence at it (which I think is very unlikely) just PM them. If they still don't accept it, it is them with the problem and not you.

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    *hates when people go around changing their names all the time...never know who's who*

    Seriously tho', the name is about who YOU are, why should you change the nick? Would you change who you are? I thought not!

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    Nothing wrong with your name. Remember, in the last year much has been said about America's diminished credibility in the world, it's reduced "soft power." As a result, the difference between the rest of the world's attitude toward The American People and The Current American Administration has been highlighted; in Iran, for instance, the difference is huge.

    The same would apply to Russia. Putin/Medvedev and their administration do not represent the attitude and opinion of all Russians.

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