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    Has anyone ever had there pic taken while dressed as a baby by there GF/Fiance/Wife? My fiance took a pic of me on her cell after she dressed me up the other night during "playtime". It was to be used as "blackmail" to make me act as a baby...Its fun for me if it's forced..anyway, it was so awesome. The feeling of her having to power to show everyone, and when she showed it to me while having the "upload to facebook" option highlighted, it was a total rush!!

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    I've actually never been photographed in ab attire, but I actually once did a diaper photoshopt of sorts where I got my girlfriend at the time to put on a big snuggly diaper and took about 50 or so photos of her in that and a white bra. Although I've always been on the phototaking side of the camera, I can tell you it's a very arousing and embarressing (in a good way!) feeling all at once, and very much tightens the relationship! <3

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    My boyfriend and i have photograph one another :-) its fun but strictly for our eyes only

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    I have been photographed by others and by myself in AB Attire and loved every minute of it

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    I've taken photos/videos of myself in full baby mode. They're intended for my eyes only, although I must admin the one-click 'Share to Flickr' button was so tempting.

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    My wife has taken many pictures of me since i brought her an iphone :-) she has even used some of the pictures as screensavers.

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    thereare a few of me cubbed out, but they're majority for my and my partners eyes only. the exceptions being ones shown to close "little" frinds

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    Yeah, My Gf takes a LOT of pics of me when I'm in AB mode. I have 2 blogs based on it haha. It's really just a fun time and makes your relationship tighter. I used one of the pics as my background, then one of my buddys grabbed the phone out of my hand. I managed to get it back before he saw anything ha.


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    I have had many ab pictures taken but never had them used for blackmail

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