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Thread: Abena Plus (M1), anyone?

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    Default Abena Plus (M1), anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone here has ever used the Abena Plus diaper, or M1 as it is now called. How does it compare to something like Attends 10? What do you think of the diaper overall? There seems to be scarce discussion about the Plus, but honestly the Super is just too much diaper for me.

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    I've tried it. I prefer the Abena X-Plus, but the plus is ok. I've never tried Attends 10 as I'm in the states and I don't think we have those here, but I'd say if you're going to buy Abena, get the X-Plus if you can.


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    The M1 will most likely feel like you are wearing a plastic bag. Not very much padding. The M2 is pretty bad too like that.

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    I am relatively sure they advertise the m1 as being comparable to depends diapers.. so its defiantly not nothing, and it is still a high quality diaper.

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    I like the M1's - and I also like Depend Max. I have only used the medium size in both.

    Subjectively: I think the M1's are definitely a high quality diaper. The padding doesn't fall apart like Depend Max's. The "feel" is soft. The wicking is very good - and I've never had a leak.
    Objectively: I'm sure XP Medical's reviews chart would be of use to you: Adult Diaper Review and Testing

    edit: For what it's worth, the X-Plus is too much diaper for me, too!


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