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Thread: AB/DL Couple from Australia

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    Default AB/DL Couple from Australia

    Hey Everyone,

    My wife and i just wanted to say hi to everyone. We are an AB/DL couple from Australia. I have been into this fetish for as long as i can remember and found a beautiful and understanding wife who now also gets into the life style.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi

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    you would be perfect to get in touch with Bigdeale

    and let me add I am overjoyed any time I hear of couples who find each other with the same way of having fun together, whether they're gay, straight, furry, asexual, or tentacled and from Alpha Centauri (Or Proxima Centauri for that matter.)

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    You may want to expand on your intro a bit. I'm glad you and your wife have an accepting relationship, but I very much doubt that diapers is your entire life. What do you do for a living? What hobbies are you into or what kind of music do you like? Generally when someone starts an account here, we assume you're into some aspect of the site's theme. So the intro post is for telling us about the other 99% of you that will help the crowd get to know you.

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    Hey bhynds, Nice to meet you! It's awesome that you have found a wife who shares such an unusual interest with you. I am lucky enough to have an accepting wife also (not so much on a participating level though). By the way, looking forward to seeing your online store stocked up

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    Welcome to adisc!

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    Hi! good to see more Aussie's on here! My Boyfriend an I are also AB/DL's from Australia. We're in Perth. There's an amazing amount of AB/DL's in australia, and i'll link you Here!

    Aussie's Unite! -

    Join here, and you'll find some other Aussie's :3


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