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    Hello all I'm a 27y/o guy around Annapolis, Ive been a DL for years (like most people i started back into wearing in my early teens) recently Ive found myself wanting to take on more of AB role. In light of this any advice in trying to indroduce my wife to this would be appreciated.

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    Does she already know that you like diapers? If not, that could be interesting. I've been married 20+ years and she knows.

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    A couple of things. First making sure she understands that whether you like her in them or you feel extra playful with you the one wearing, that it's still she who ultimately turns you on. This is an issue for many fetishists, whose partner doesn't see that it's her in the schoolgirl outfit, the batgirl costume, even the stormtrooper armor, that turns you on, and not just the outfit. They can feel we overlook them when simply them naked doesn't score 100% of your attraction points. They need to be reassured the outfit is "in addition to" not "instead of."

    Things in nice packaging are enhanced by it; it's not like we prefer the packaging to the goodies, it just makes the real goodies... well... nicer for being in a nicer context. I don't know it she has any hang-ups like I described but if so maybe she isn't telling you, and if and when she does you can address them. We add garnishes to meals for looks and smell; when we wash the Ferrari it's not actually faster but the fact that it looks better adds to the experience. Presentation improves the flavor.

    The next issue is that she may object to seeing her man not bring manly. You can assure her this is just another side to you, and doesn't contradict the you see sees chopping wood, swapping engines, or giving orders to subordinates at work: those are part of you also, and only she sees you being little; and on these special occasions only she is given the power to be your caretaker. Wives often don't mind being in control, under the right circumstances, the mixture of love-giving and being in charge. The main thing is for her to see that it is still you she is with when you are in rp-space, and rp is a part of you not all of you, and all the rest is still intact.

    If she really can't handle seeing you in that space then assure her it can remain a suppressed urge and you can indulge in private.

    Do make sure she understands you are open to indulging her fantasies too, and that she should tell you what they are, and lead you through how she wants you to act: being together is a 2-way street, and her needs are equally important to you.

    If you are at that preliminary stage of errrr.... um... I've got this kink, see.... and you should know about it, it's sort of private and just for your ears... But you know how some people like their partner or themselves in a certain outfit, or their other, and they get a kick out of dressing up and roleplaying...??? Well I do and it's a little unusual... Then you launch into all the things she should know about what infantilism is and what it's not... which is a whole new post in a whole new thread... and covered at length elsewhere on this site, and on other sites...

    And go from there.
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    Halseyn, yes she knows I have worn diapers for fun before. But ulitmently I would like to at least get her to try it at least once with me.
    Racoon, very well said some ideas to try out when I bring this up to her.

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