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    Default Returned from India

    I'm so happy to be back to what i'm used to. I've really missed talking to you all.

    But now that i'm back, it would be nice to say "hooray, back to my life" - but I can't. My life has changed significantly based on what I witnessed on my travels.

    I won't go into loads of details just now - that's what the blogs are for

    But if there's one thing you should do just now - take a look at your current surroundings (probably your bedroom, living room, or whatever). I guarantee that more the majority of what you have, is what more than half the citizens in the South of India will never, in their lifetime, be given the chance to own.

    Computers, music systems, televisions, even the furnishings - if you have any of these where you are in India, you're either considerably well off, or in an "expensive" hotel.

    I'll upload pictures and a preview of the documentary soon. But as much as I'd like them to, they won't come close to conveying the same emotion as what you would seeing and hearing it first hand.

    So besides all that, I can't describe how glad I am to be back

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    Alright! Welcome back Dash!

    *eagerly awaits journey details*

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    Glad you made it back safely, and with an alteration in your perspective to boot. There wouldn't be as much point to travel if it was all the same but with different landscape. I'm curious to hear more about the trip.

    Welcome back

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    Yeah, that really sucks that some people are so poor in parts of the world. It's weird to think any one of us could have been born there. Anyway, welcome back, Dash. Good to have ya back. ^_^

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    Welcome back, Dash!! Hope you had fun!!

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    Yeah, but despite that, I bet Indians are consistently more happy with their lives. They have a much stronger sense of community than we do in many Western countries.

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    Yeah that's true. Not as self-preserving as us in the West. Although the last hotel we stayed in - the staff clearly didn't like us.

    Anyway, i'm back for good now - been away for another 5 days with the family. And I'm temporarily jobless, which means even more ADISC time =]

    So thanks for the re-welcome, folks

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