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Thread: ab/dl in public

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    Talking ab/dl in public

    why cant a ab/dl wear what they want to in public? you have drag queens. no one thinks nothing of it .even though there are probably twice as manyab /dl. but we tend not to be exposed in the real world outside of our computers.why cant we all just come out and let the world know that we do actualy exist?

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    Because a lot of us prefer to be AB/DL's in PRIVATE.

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    I don't disagree with you, that people should wear what they want to wear. I've gone out wearing diapers and onesie, with pants, of course, to avoid any potential legal issues from Puritanical types.

    That said, you're going to get a whole lot of blowback on this from the vast majority on this site. There are a lot of people that fear discovery, a few with legitimate concerns about jobs or parents that will send them packing, but in many other cases, but most that just treat this stuff as a fantasy world, where they stare at a monitor, marinate on the possibilities, and masterbate until their diapees are done for. You'll hear a lot of people trying to contort all reason trying to claim it's out of respect for others or some crap, yet short of some really really far-fetched ideas that approach statistical impossibility, there's no backing.

    I dunno, I say do what you want, within reason. Just keep your naughty bits covered and keep in mind that most are probably quite a bit more Puritanical than you are.

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    Because most abdl's dont want to be out in public and have others know their personal business...also you have to consider while the GLBTQ community has gained more acceptance, there are still plenty of obstacles and discrimination out there. The government can not legislate morality through laws or any other means so while laws exist to help protect and prevent discrimination, it doesnt force and over night change in peoples views. Also drag queens and kings wear clothes, while it seems you might be wondering why we cant just walk around in a diaper and the answer is...laws prevent my opinion they shouldnt, since parents are allowed to have their kids out in their front yards half naked or down to just a diaper....i have even seen especially on hot days moms and dads out with their littles ones who are dressed in only a diaper, parents of course arent charged with a criminal offense along the lines of indecent exposure, since society deems this acceptable but adults do it and its a felony...but regardless, the laws do prevent this and that is where the difference is....if you are referring to being dressed as a baby or toddler out and about, there are no laws against this but you will get stares and people laughing at you...but be thankful for that as drag queens and members of the GLBTQ Community get assaulted and some times murdered just because the person is perceived as GLBTQ...Getting laughed at is better than fearing for your life...

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    I have never seen a drag queen out in public....

    Also I would like to ask you. How comfortable would you feel if you saw a couple in a full leather outfit out in public?

    No one said you can't be an AB/DL in public. Daddy and I are very heavily into the age play scene. We live it when we can. I have gone out diapered(under clothing) countless times, worn shortalls, short dresses, I've even worn sleepers and rompers in front of peers. You can be subtle and still enjoy it. For example, Daddy keeps a Nuk 5 in the glove compartment, sometimes if we go for a long drive he'll take it out and give it to me. I'm exposed to the real world, I just know how to balance my life.

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    its really just personal preference.

    if you want to, you can go right ahead and do it (just keep in mind the laws about indecent exposure and the like), but most people like to keep it to themselves.

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    Did the footed pjs and diaper one Halloween night about 4 years back taking the roomies kids trick or treating. bottle and paci too.. it was fun, but its about the only night of the year one can get away with it I did have a cop that night say I had more balls than he did (hmm, didn't give that statement much thought till now) I wasn't exposing anything (kinda hard when it was like 5F that night)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thumper View Post
    why cant a ab/dl wear what they want to in public? you have drag queens. no one thinks nothing of it .even though there are probably twice as manyab /dl. but we tend not to be exposed in the real world outside of our computers.why cant we all just come out and let the world know that we do actualy exist?
    There's a law in the US called indecent exposure. I'm pretty sure if you are just wearing a diaper around a mall, for example, the cops will drag you out of the mall. And, really, who wants to see an adult wearing just a diaper walking around Disney World (okay, so maybe some of us freaks would be intrigued, but that's not the point).

    Your question all depends on the context. If it's Halloween or you find yourself in a very liberal part of a big city then so what. Go for it. If you were to come to my town and go the local supermarket, you would be arrested on the spot for just wearing a diaper (which is underwear, by the way) or at the very least look pretty silly wearing an AB/DL getup. Some people may even want to beat your f***ing head into the street. There are norms in society. People will likely perceive you negatively wearing an AB/DL outfit because you would be outside the norms. For many people, it's threatening. In most areas in the southern U.S. (except for the some of the beaches and Key West, of course), you would be perceived as a deviant and worse, a pedophile. Not saying it's right, it's not, but that's the way the real world works.

    By the way, drag queens are deviants too and many people do think they are messed up. I've only seen one in my life and that was in a liberal college town.

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    First of all let me say, I'd love to go outside dressed as a 2 year old in some primary colored kids play clothes, diaper bulging for all to take note of. I'm so there with you on that one. However I know it'll be just too awkward and humiliating for me.

    I think the world does know we exist, they probably just prefer to not have to think about us. I'm sure most everyone has seen an episode of Jerry Springer before. There certainly isn't anything stopping you from going outside all babied up, you will certainly gather quite a few stares and hushed comments. If your ego is up for all the hits it's going to take, then by all means have a go at it. Just make sure you look as cute as can be.

    However if you want someone to point a say real loud for everyone to hear: "Look everyone he's wearing a diaper and sucking on his pacifier, what a big baby!" for the sake of feeling regressed or accepted. Then I recomend you just log into the roleplay chat or some such and spare yourself the real life embaressment.

    If you do decide to make a public display of yourself. For your own safety, please travel to the nearest big city where a grown person dressed as a toddler will only garner a few stares, rather than be beaten up by the nearest pack of narrow minded knuckle draggers. Larger cities will probably be more tolerant of the way you'll be dressed.

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    ^^^ FYI, there are very few places, if any, in the United States where simply showing underwear is considered indecent exposure. Most places' laws explicitly require exposure of actual genitalia.

    Also, I don't necessarily think the OP was referring to going out *only* in a diaper, although honestly, I'm entirely ok with that. I think he was more going for the idea of wearing childish clothes, stuff that normal adults would not normally wear, like a onesie with SpongeBob SquarePants on it, or overalls, or things like that over, of course, a diaper.

    In fairness, you don't commonly see drag queens out and about, although it does occasionally happen in places with really strong gay districts. In terms of ABDL-wear, I've been out in a SpongeBob onesie and pants over a diaper just because. A few years ago, I had trouble catching a cab in Chicago on Halloween night after I left an ABDL party wearing a diaper with a Minnie romper over it, and nothing else. A few years ago, I wore nothing but a diaper, collar, and fedora for the Church Street Fetish Fair in Toronto.

    In the course of normal life, it's pretty easy to add a onesie or something like that into the mix.

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