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Thread: Finally time to open up a little

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    Smile Finally time to open up a little

    so im a newbie here. found the site after searching the web.

    To start off i have had bed wetting issues ever since i was 7. When i was in 5th grade my mom took me in for some tests and i was diagnosed with an over active bladder. It comes and goes from time to time but now has been regularly for the last 2yrs. The first time i can remember trying to put on a diaper was when i was around 5, i took one of my cousin diapers. That was the only time until i was 17. Then one day we were cleaning out my grandma's house and i found some adult diapers so i stashed a few for myself. I went on and off wearing up till now for the fact of feeling good and relaxed inside. Now i'm 26 and have been wearing regularly to bed every night due to my bed wetting coming back. I finally was able to put 2 and 2 together and say hey why dont i wear at night so i can stop waking up in a dam puddle. I do wear sometimes through out the day, as it makes me feel better inside and helps me with my leakage issue. that's most of my back story now onto the other stuff

    well let see, im somewhat of an active person. I try to keep myself busy, video games,working on cars, skating, going to the club, friends, oh and that thing i call my job lol.

    I am happy i was able to find this site as it has helped me with my issues. I always had a hard time finding diapers/pull-ups that fit well as i am a thin person (6'4" 140lbs). After reading a lot i was able to get an idea of diapers/pull-ups that might fit me. So i gave it a shot and purchased my first pack of goodnites. Well i was very happy to find that they fit me well. I have wet them over night and woke up happy that i wasn't in a puddle. I just recently bought the underjams and they to fit me well and seem to hold more than the goodnites but am happy with both. I had tried the depends diapers and pull-ups but they just sucked and leaked and didn't fit well. Thank to this site i was able to find a pull-up that i like and would keep me dry at night, plus there very easy to hid under clothing.

    sorry bout the long post, just finally being able to open up about this (as i never have told anyone) it feels really good.

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    Bah! Don't apologize for long posts. We like long posts. Or at least, I do.

    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you like it here.

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    Hi MAzda,
    welcome to Adisc and great intro, what about other things like your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

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    well let see tv show mostly Burn Notice, CSI Miami, NCIS, and a few others. I am in the middle of a break with my girlfriend of 3 1/2 yrs. kinda complicated but we are slowing working on things. She doesn't know about this part of me and i haven't ever had the courage to talk to her about it. truthfully i do need to tell her so i can get this load off my shoulders.

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    Hi Mazda,
    yes you do but it is something we all struggle with and if things aren't good at the moment, probably now isn't the best time to broach the subject. But when you do let us know so that we can support you in wahtever way we can.

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    Glad to hear you've found something that helps you out

    I agree with the above post, this would be the worst time to tell her about it. If things are in a bind adding that right now won't help. Though when you do tell someone, be honest with them: you have an overactive bladder and wearing them helps. No shame in the truth, and most girls worth it shouldn't mind ;D

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