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    *Currently Editing / Adding Maintenance to this review*

    Intro: I've been really curious about just how good the Dry 24/7 brand of diapers were against the biggest and best diapers on the market. I wasn't necessarily sold on these diapers when I first heard about them as they were having issues with web site security, availability and price. Being someone who is experimenting with all sorts of 'higher end' / 'top-shelf' diapers, I am happy to finally give a review of the Dry 24/7 by DryCare.

    So let's begin!


    Initial Impression I received my Dry 24/7's in a plain cardboard box. I'm a small and not necessarily muscular type person so the first thing I noticed while carrying the unopened box was the heft! The cardboard box contained something inside with some weight to it. Not too heavy but not lightweight either. As a huge electronics geek, I immediately began thinking of cheap Chinese knock-off gadgets that were noticeably light versus the real thing. Already, I felt I was in for a treat. I carefully cut the tape and noticed that for a package of 18 diapers, the plastic package of diapers was the largest i've ever seen for the amount of diapers. I believe the packaging is wider, thicker, and longer than what i'd ever received from any Abena product. Though that was quite a long time ago...

    Smell: After carefully ripping the plastic of the packaging for these diapers, I was greeted with a generic plastic smell. Not especially pleasing but definitely not offensive to the senses, especially for plastic. Really not much to write about!

    Look and Feel: Dry 24/7's come in three (3) sizes which have their own unique color.

    Small = Light Blue
    Medium = White
    Large = Light Peach

    I am as I said, a small person, usually falling in between a Small and Medium. Despite hearing that these diapers run rather large, I ended up ordering some Mediums which come in a very pleasing white which has some minimal machine print running down the middle. No useless wetness indicator. Just pure white. Perfect. Running my hand gently around the plastic of the diaper, I must say, the plastic used in the Dry 24/7 diapers are by far one of the softest and best feeling i've ever come across. "These are what diapers should feel like" I found myself thinking immediately after getting acquainted with what I would soon be wearing.

    The diaper has 'rounded' off front and back zones much like Abenas. The diaper features a dual tape design which are very similar to Bambinos / Abenas. Clearly there must be some inspiriation :P Though the outer plastic of the diaper is one of the softest, the Dry 24/7 doesn't have the softest inner-layer that will be making contact with your delicate skin parts. However, do not be mislead! The material is soft enough and you really shouldn't be having an issue as it is better than a lot of diapers to begin with.

    Sound: The plastic of the Dry 24/7's are minimal due to the soft plastic used as the cover of the diaper. This softness affords a generally quiet diaper. Though I notice with movement, there is a crinkle but can mostly be muffled if not deadened by some briefs worn over the diaper. Nothing obnoxious.

    Comfort and Fit: Being the petit person I am, I found myself able to fit in the Medium Dry 24/7's rather decently though I'm still figuring out the best way to arrange the tape directions when putting the diaper on. The Medium size Dry 24/7 is a bit large for me as I am able to tuck the front left and right "wing" underneath each respective umm... *ahem* bottom cheek

    Due to the size of the diaper and my own body size proportions, the diaper is the THICKEST i've ever had in between my legs. I have rather short legs so the width between makes me toddle a little bit. Someone who is taller might be able to compensate for this above-average diaper crotch width.

    However, overall the diaper is comfortable and I have been able to fit it rather well considering my size and the size the diaper is. I feel that it was a great choice for me to choose a diaper that would run a little large as opposed to smaller. Isn't that generally true for a lot of other things? :P

    Performance: These are the most absorbent disposable diapers i've ever tried. Ever. In fact i've thoroughly used these diapers as much as I could within the few hours I had time in them and I could not use the diaper to the fullest of its capacity.

    If you don't mind a little grossness, you can read a little bit more about just what these diapers are able to handle by clicking the following spoiler =

    (Grossness End: I'm embarassed to admit such things but hey, some of you are curious!)

    These diapers are able to absorb so much without leaking or "pressing out" leaks which are when you sit with a very wet diaper and it squeezes out liquid and leaks. These diapers REALLY hold up. I am intensely impressed!

    I didn't really have any other diaper to compare it to but I did compare it to the poorest performing "premium" diaper I ever tested which is the ABU Cushies brand/line of diapers. As you can see, thickness is just barely over that of the Cushies but it is very surprising. The quality of the material and the ratios of pulp vs absorbent polymers are perfect.

    This diaper is thicker than the thickest diapers i've ever tried but just barely enough to notice. Yet, they are able to do a bit more! Also you can notice in the second picture, I tried to take a direct "on top" shot but it does look angled. But believe me, the Dry 24/7 is a bit wider and thicker than the Cushies, and is probably true versus the other best diapers out there.

    Value: These diapers are what I consider very expensive. A half-case can be obtained from XP Medical for about $59.99 before any applicable taxes. That means, on a unit per cost measurement =

    $1.66 / per unit at half case pricing.

    Gripes: No frontal landing zone for easy reapplication of tapes. That's all this diaper really needs and is my only issue with these diapers.

    Conclusion: Dry 24/7's by DryCare are absolutely the best diapers i've ever worn. This is not an estimate, this is not a kinda/sorta deal. This is absolute.

    I love these diapers. I love how soft the plastic is. I truly adore how thick they are in between my legs and my butt () when I sit down and they only get better and thicker when wet. I especially love that they are so absorbent that I don't need to worry about "press-out" leaks and in fact i've not yet been able to make them leak though i'm sure its possible... eventually (hehe).

    These are not stealth diapers. There exist other diapers that give you a nice combo of absorbency and stealth but these are not it. The plastic may be somewhat quiet but they are so thick, I would probably not do any public activities underneath clothing with these diapers on based on the type of clothes I wear. These diapers are strictly "behind closed doors" so to speak. I am truly a fan of thick diapers. The thicker the better. Sure cloth can satisfy my desires regarding thickness, but these Dry 24/7's truly fit the bill for me.

    To say it simply. The Dry 24/7's have easily climbed through the ranks of my favorite diapers to the #1 spot with ease. Just like the marketing blurb on the packaging of these diapers. I say it with absolute confidence. If you love thick and absorbent diapers that look cute, these are it. Look no further. Any price increase versus what you currently pay for your current diaper should not matter. You need not worry! If you can pony up the extra cash for premium diapers, you might as well just get these.


    *Currently Editing / Adding Maintenance to this review*
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    They really are amongst the best of the disposables. I'm glad you enjoyed them, and this was a pretty comprehensive review.

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    I'm still wondering how long I'll have to keep drooling at 24/7s reviews before some European retailer starts to import them here as well at a reasonable price.....

    Thanks for the detailed review, in the end drooling is still better than nothing

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    Reviews like this make me want a dedicated thread to good reviews, and makes me want to do a similar blog. Even though I've tried Dry 24/7, this was a wonderful read. Thanks for putting in the effort.

    I'm actually surprised you enjoyed the mediums. I wear medium Abena and those felt HUUGE on me :p... I'm sure my small body frame has plenty to do with it... A 5'5 guy would fit them differently than a 5'10 guy of the same weight.
    But I did enjoy the encompassing feel, and am ordering them again... along with a pack of smalls to finally compare fits!

    You got me excited about receiving my packs next week, thanks!

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