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Thread: Help getting into the right mindset?

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    Default Help getting into the right mindset?

    I'm a gf of a adl and I'm trying to get into the right mindset to change my bf's diaper. I've always thought of poo as gross... Yet I've had no problem changing children's or elderly people's diapers. So if I'm not going to have a problem changing his diaper when he's old and can't change it himself... why can't I change it now when it will make him feel happy and get a hardon that I'll obviously benefit from?

    Any thoughts... suggestions... would help. Thank you! Thank you!

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    ...children and elderly people (incontinent) can't help 'messing themselves... I think "poo as gross" too...we tend to be able to overcome these much is needed... needed, not merely wanted...

    blood creeps me out too, however...I can help someone who is bleeding... ...after the fact...if I dwell on it...I may become nauseous...

    perhaps he might meet you half-way...and not mess...when you are gong to change him...

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    I agree with Marka - this diaper changing is about shared enjoyment - change his wet ones and you both will get a positive experience - if he poos one of you will have the pleasure marred. I'd start with a "no poo" agreement and if in time you want to try the other discuss it and see how you feel. Me - I would be more than happy to be changed from a wet diaper even if I really wanted to poop as well - you can't demand all you want from a relationship all the time!

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