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Thread: Need advice on being a "babysitter" to my boyfriend

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    Default Need advice on being a "babysitter" to my boyfriend

    Hi I'm a girlfriend of a "little" and I care for his 2 yr old daughter. I'm also in a wheelchair from a spinal cord injury that left me partially paralyzed. All my woman parts work though and I'm trying to understand and accommodate my boyfriends interests and desires in our relationship.

    A little background on us - his screen name is waslost1234abc and you can read his posts basically he is a "little" and has to wear diapers due to complete and permanent incontinence and also enjoys wearing them. I also am incontinent and enjoy wearing them as well. He has discretely enjoyed wearing pjs using blankets stuffed animals bottles and binkeys for his entire life. Looking back i demanded to use a highchair eat baby food and wear diapers up until the age of ten or eleven when i was forced by my parents to give them up. I think I may enjoy partaking in treating my boyfriend as a baby and possibly even enjoy being treated like a baby as well.

    My main focus is on becoming familiar with what he likes and attempting to accommodate those desires. Then I'm going to experiment with things I may like.

    My request for your advice is on things I could say or do that would make him feel like a child. He has never had anyone interested in fulfilling his desire to be treated like a child so he's uncertain of what to ask of me. Advice that would be appreciated would be either phrases or just words you think he may like to hear or actual physical things I could do to assist.

    I've come up with simply calling him baby in a motherly tone, telling him its diaper check time (pulling his pants away from his body) saying "oh my lil baby made a poo-poo" or "No poo-poo this time baby boy". I also ask for him to come sit on my lap then I cradle him and rock him back and forth.

    I've thought about changing his clothes for him, putting lotion on him, and/or adding baby powder to his diaper. I'm working on the concept of actually changing his diaper.

    If you have any thoughts of what I could do to help him with his desires or what he could experiment doing for me in an attempt to see if I would like to be treated as a baby as well.... please send me your input! thank you thank you!

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    Hi there GF.
    welcome to Adisc, I'm sorry to hear about your own problems, waslost has never mentiond them to me, although he may have done to others. Apart from what oyu have already started to do there are litlerally hundreds of others you could do. You say you sit him in on your lap lap and rock him, how about offering him a dummy (pacifier) or making him up a bottle of warm formula or milk and giving him that, especially before a nap time (even if he deson't want a nap, they are good for babies and he has to know 'mummy'is in charge) or his bed time. I don't know how physically disabled you are, but could you manage to give him a bath? As you are alreday looking after his 2 year old daughter that should give you plenty of ideas.

    Nappy changes and washes are always good for ab's, as a lot of us want to go back to that feeling of being loved and cared for and nurtured. A word of warning, changing his poopy nappy is not going to be like changing his daughters, and as siily as it sounds not like changing your own either. So initially if you feel you can do this for him I would start with just wet nappies. If you then feel you could tackle a poopy one, make sure he carefully shaves before hand, and he might need a hand shaving his bum properly. It sounds as if you have put some thought into this alreday and all your ideas are good, dressing, undressing lotion or talc at a change or even on his body when you get him ready for his nap or his bedtime. I don't know how intimate your relationship is, but if you felt able to, allowing him to nurse at your breast and /or suckle would be very good for baby and very special. Mummy/baby and daddy/baby play can make a good relationship very much stronger.

    Now onto you young lady, if you think you might like to be treated as a baby there are unfortunately some safety issues. I'm assuming you are pretty much self caring and can do all the usual transfers without help? problem is, is that waslost might want to physically lift or carry you, Which is something you need tothink about.

    But going back to you being a little, you need to think about things you would like to have done to you, how you want to talked to as while a little, do you want your daddy (if that's something you can feel you can call him) to talk toy like a little baby, or a little girl. How old do you feel your little is?, obviously she is going to be in nappies, but is she going to be a newborn,(think verycarefully about that 1), 2 year old, 4 year old. I have an online friend where I'm the daddy and my friend is a 4 year old boy, but despite being 4 he still wets and poops his nappy. Is he prepaared to change a poopy nappy?, even experienced carers can have problems the first few times, they think it will be just like changing 2 year old, and it isn't

    So get your self pen and paper start off the page with yourself, and list the things that you Want to happen, then things like you would Like to haappen, then on a seperate page write down things you would like to do to waslost as his mummy(again if you are going to let him call you that). when you next see him, ask him to dothe same. then one evening after eating and his daughter is tucked up for the night (assuming you live together) if not at least after she is settled next to her daddy. make a coffee, sit down and talk about your lists.

    But not just your lists, talk about your feelings about both your IC's and how you would like to feel about it. How you would like your little to be treated and is it going to involve some form of sex play? For me my little 2 yrear old boy is exactly that, so no sex for me. But some like to incorporate some form of lovemaking into their age play then you go from there. It might also be useful for both of you to set upa safe word. this is a word you woudn't normally use in conversation
    but it means STOP. This can be used if something is wrong, if either of you are about todo something unsafe, or if he is doing something to you and you don't want him to, or the other way around, whatever the word is, whenever it is used, IT MUST BE HONOURED AND OBEYED, INSTANTLY AND WITHOUT QUESTION.

    I hope Ihaven't given you too much to think about, but get lost to read this as well, if you want him to. other than that any questions feel free to ask nad as other people join the thread ask them as well

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    Nicknames are good.

    'Little man'. 'Champ'. 'Slugger'. 'Tiger'. 'Little prince'. 'Poopybutt'. 'Squishybumbum'. 'Baby boy'...they're all good. Maybe choose a special title for him, when he's little...associate it with his little time, like that's another name for him, rather than just a term of endearment. My little boy is my little man, my little girl is my princess/baby panda.

    As for what to say or do...just think about what you would say to a real little one and act on that. That's all I can suggest without giving ridiculously long and specific examples :P

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    'Scuse me butting in I just want to stroke and pet Charlie pup . Seriously, Like I sadi GF you already look after his real 2 year old daughter, treat him like you treat her and I don't think you'll get aany complaints,, although he might have something to say about the frilly pants aand dresses. But then again he might not!

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    Like Charliepup said, a special name for his little self would be great.

    Do everything for him. Brush crumbs off his shirt, get his blanky or plushy for him, you know.

    Also, show him lots of extra love and attention. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, all that stuff!

    Lastly, try to have fun! He'll be able to tell if you're uncomfortable!
    Good Luck! ^^

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    Hi GF,
    sometimes his little may not be able to tell you things, there are times as a little and my late wife being mummy I couldn't find the words i need to explain what it was i wanted or didn't want,, and would normally end up just crying, so as this part of your relationship progress's in some respects you have to become an intuative mommy and know his body language and his actions and reactions, sometimes just some of the noises he may make will give you some idea of what is needed, and whether that something is a nap, abottle a change or a play time or story time, so use your instincts, and he should do the same when you become more adventurous with your little one.

    And as Col suggested, the litle things like brushing crumbs off, or even finding an old fashioned babies bib with ties rather than velcro, that you can put on him at mealtimes. But when you go out you will find there are things that you can do outside that will remind him of his baby status but not alert anyone else to what is happening. Brushing crumbs off his front with a merry "you are a mucky pup, just look at your top" will make him feel very small, but to anyone watching it's just boyfriend/girfriend. same in somewhere like a macdonald's, pick up his fries and feed him some, people will just assume boyfriend/girlfriend.

    When my wife and I settled for thenight, she would often spoon in behind me and pat my well nappied bottom, just enough so I could feel it. It invariably made me curl up tighter and my thumb would somehow appear in my mouth. Occasionally when we were in town, she'd be in her powered wheelchair and I'd be walking alongside her and she do exactly the same thing, and get almost the same reaction in broad daylight. So it can be the very small intimate things that also tell him he is a much loved little one.

    Don't be afraid to try things out on him, or ask him too try something for on you. Neither of you are mindreaders, so you need to talk to one another. It also takes practice and time for these things not to feel silly or artificial, so evenn if something doesn't go well the first few times do'nt give up, it might not be the right time inyour relationship for it, or it might need a tweak to make it work, but as you grow and share together it will work out. Try not to think things through too much, just go with the flow, or as someone once said, if it feels good, do it.

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    The best thing to do is ask him what he wants out of it. But there's also a very informative book you can read...below is the link to it..

    The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook by Penny Barber in Sex & Relationships

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    Default To your responses..

    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    Hi there GF.
    welcome to Adisc, I'm sorry to hear about your own problems, waslost has never mentiond them to me, although he may have done to others. Apart from what you have already started to do there are litlerally hundreds of others you could do..... l
    In response to pcbaby's first message.. Waslost may have not mentioned me/my disabilities yet as I have really only been dating him for 2+ months. I do however totally see myself being with him for all of eternity so I appreciate everyone's advice and suggestions!

    I didn't realize that I could simply speak & act towards him almost the same as I act towards his daughter because I completely misunderstood in the beginning. I had assumed it was more of a sexual fetish for him when its mostly just a way to feel comforted and cared for as we only have experienced during our younger years. If it did lead to sex of course I'd be ok with it but have a hard time imagining to pretend that he/i/we are children and then have it turn into having sex...

    I like the 'put baby to bed' idea - change clothes, give bottle, sing kid's songs to my little man. And as far as us experimenting with me being the little i can transfer myself from chair to bed and he can lift me but I usually prefer that people save that skill for actual emergencies cuz the last thing I want those I care about to deal with would be back pain. lol. Your safety word suggestion is definitely a great idea as well.

    Thankyou, gf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col View Post
    Like Charliepup said, a special name for his little self would be great.

    Do everything for him....
    @ Col - I've never had a problem giving affection but I could completely see myself getting lost in the seemingly endless lists of ways to help my lil' man feel more like a lil' man I might forget to.. tee hee And I'm sure he'd be able to tell if I was uncomfortable but I'd also never have a problem speeking up if I were especially with the previous "safety word" suggestion I received.

    You guys are great! Keep it a cummin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    Hi GF,
    sometimes his little may not be able to tell you things...
    @ Pcbaby's 3rd reply-

    I was previously married for 3 years in the relationship for almost 6 and even then there were sexual and even just affection desires I had that I couldn't bring myself to ask of him-and he was my husband! Shessh! So I'm sure there are going to be some things I may have to pry out of waslost but we are both very open sexual beings and I'm sure there will eventually come a point in our relationship when both of all of our fantasies and needs fulfilled - I mean that is what its all about right

    We also do have pretty good communication and trust which has allowed us both to share a couple may a lil out there sorts of requests tee hee but that isnt preventing me from investingating more fun to find! I just love that all the suggestions are piling up! Thanks hun

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficerBaby View Post
    The best thing to do is ask him what he wants out of it. But there's also a very informative book you can read...below is the link to it..

    The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook by Penny Barber in Sex & Relationships
    @ officer-

    I think my baby has only become familiar with what he can do himself to feel like a little. (dress like/wash with baby soap&shampoos/pacifier...) may have had a few thoughts on what it'd be nice to have a partner participate in yet mostly clueless and until me he was never really in a relationship with someone wiling to accommodate the 'little' side of him.

    So we both sincerely appreciate the 'good read' suggestion. Thankya darlin!

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    GF and Was lost, your are both very welcome. Yes later it might become secual as well as little play, but that is something that may evolve over time and come from both of you. For now treat your baby boy as just that, and you won't go far wrong. At 56 and with my late wife no longere with me,I ma once again searching for my perfect mummy. Which is basically a loving, caring, nurturing person, who will treat me as a 2 year old. so def no sex for me, as it would be very, very wrong to me and just take me back to when I was at home with my parents. So enjoy looking after his daughter and looking after him, just be careful you don't end up having to change 2 nappies at once (jokeing).

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