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Thread: A way for an easier clean-up after messing

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    Default A way for an easier clean-up after messing

    For those who like messing, here's an idea of how to clean everything up more easily. You need to have the house for yourself with no chance of others coming in or seeing you, but I guess that's a given for most people who try messing in the first place.

    First of all, you make sure you're diaper's not too tight. Then, after messing, you take off your pants or anything you wore over your diaper, and go to the toilet. You slowly lower your diaper so that your chance of making a mess outside of your diaper is diminished, then you grab some toilet paper and scoop everything up, and toss it into the toilet. Just wipe the rest off like you would if you weren't wearing a diaper.

    After all this, you can even decide to keep wearing the diaper if there's not too much residual mess. In that case, you'd want one with refastenable tapes, because it's probably too loose right now.

    Personally, I've done this several times and it works wonders. It also helps eliminate the stench and doesn't necessitate immediate deposit of the diapers. Of course, it doesn't work if it's too soft, or if you like to sit around and wait before changing/cleaning up, but the former's just bad luck and the latter is up to you! =P

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    A hand held shower works very well too...

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    I just take mn

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    My diaper off and turn it upside down over the toilet no scooping or ne thing .. then just wipe up ..

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    My changing routine after being messy is as follows:

    1. Get baby wipes and diaper sacks from storage
    2. Take clothes off (but not diaper or plastic pants)
    3. Get into shower but don't turn it on
    4. Carefully remove plastic pants and diaper
    5. Roll the diaper up and use the tapes to fasten it closed
    6. Double bag the diaper
    7. Wash my diaper area and everything below with the shower
    8. Get dry
    9. Re-diaper myself and get re-dressed
    10. Throw away the old diaper

    Seems to work well for me. Trimming your hair down there makes a big difference as well. I tend to clean the shower cubicle out every other day at a minimum.

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    This is kinda what i do

    1.Get everything ready ( wipes powder fresh diaper ect..)
    2. take of clothes Clothes
    3.remove the tapes from the diaper
    4. Use the diaper as a wipe and get as much of the mess you can with it this will get majority of the mess and keeps it all in the diaper
    5. if you have big chunks in the diaper let them roll off the diaper and in to the toliet.

    this next step is up you You can use the wipes and clean your self or just jump in the shower.

    6.1 Shower is quicker and you wont have to touch the mess for those that dont like to touch it.
    6.2 if i use wipes get box of wipes and start cleaning. I like to go front to back. Depending on the size of the mess depends on how many wipes you might need a mirror helps as well. Put used wipes into the dirty diaper
    7. Roll up diaper and tape it
    8. dry up
    9. toss diaper in trash. (if not home alone put in a colored plastic bag and tie it tight)
    10. just your normal way you pad up.

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    Lie on your back and loose the diapers tapes. Use the front of the diaper to wipe the mess down to the back and off your bum. Get up, bend over at a full length mirror looking at your ass from between your knees and use a few baby wipes to thourghouly clean up any remaing mess. Toss the dirty wipes in the diaper, fold up, tape closed and dispose of it.

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    the process for cleaning a messy in a public restroom is simple -First, suck up the butterflies, do a good job cleaning, bagging, changing and do it FAST! *common sense details omitted*

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    the handheld shower is the best way to clean after messing.

    it's quick, you don't touch the mess and gets you a lot more cleaner than using wipes/toilet paper
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