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Thread: I've never messed.

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    Default I've never messed.

    I have never tried messing before. I dont think its my thing, yet I'm curious as to how it feels. Is messing worth at least one try? How well do Abena x pluses hold in a mess?


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    Try it once... but be prepared for the cleanup (the main reason I don't do it often).

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    I think it's definitely worth one try. I personally believe in trying most reasonable things at least once, since how can you know you dislike something otherwise? Indeed, I often try most things twice, to take into the account that the first time may have been an unlucky experience

    If you do decide to go for it, take it easy and plan it out. It is gonna be messy and will smell. Try and have the space to yourself for a period of a few hours, and plan your disposal and clean-up beforehand.

    I've tried it and can say it's not my thing. That said, I liked it enough to do it every now and again when I feel exceptionally 'naughty', so... You never know what might come of trying it

    Good luck - let us know


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    I've never tried, and I'm not really planning on trying anytime soon. I kind of have trouble wetting as it is, so I'm going to focus on that first .

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    Butterfly Mage


    You're not missing much. 1.) It smells *really* bad. There's a reason why toilets are filled with water. It helps contain the smell of feces. 2.) It takes a lot of effort to clean up. 3.) It's bad for your skin. 4.) It really doesn't feel all that good.

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    It actually feels good. Try it once, see how you like it. For clean up baby wipes (Adult flushables Or baby flushables are best.) they help alot more than toilet paper.

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    I know im probably gonna thinks nasty, but I think its worth a try. Peeing isnt all that clean either haha

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    You could use an analog such as oatmeal or bananas to simulate messing. Cleanup is still a hassle but the smell is much less offensive.

    Actually peeing on yourself is more sanitary than swimming in the ocean. Ancient Romans used to use their own pee as mouthwash.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Besides, a diaper can absorb urine pretty well. Modern diapers are so absorbent and keep people feeling so dry after a wetting that it actually makes it more difficult for parents to potty train their kids because they simply don't feel all that wet.

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    ive messed a few times, not really my thing >.< but a lot of people do like it, and you never know until you try! The mess is a pain in the butt to clean up though, I would take a very long shower afterwards and make sure your butt is perfectly clean or you'll get a rash like i did once >.<

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