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Thread: Novels about being diapered?

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    Default Novels about being diapered?

    I just read this book, "Bound and Humiliated" by Sara Tyr. I found it on Amazon, and it was really good. I don't know if I was so excited because it was a book about a girl being diapered or because it was so epic, but I really enjoyed it. This one is the story of this girl whose boyfriend decides she works too hard and forces her back into being a toddler. He diapers her, makes her crawl, feeds her, and locks her into a sleeper.

    Does anyone know of any books like this? I've heard a couple suggestions, but I'm looking for more. =-)


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    I have not heard of any books like that but someone did just put out an Ageplay/ABDL play guide I think u might like on Amazon

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